Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello, March!

Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, the evening TV?
Just kidding...I'm watching Fuller House. Now you can go back and sing ^^ Go ahead, you know you want to...

Besides binge watching Fuller House, I'm drinking decaf coffee. With cream. I'm eating Erdbeer Joghurt and Biscoff(Thanks to one of my best friends!), and Thin Mints(Thanks to my hubby!). Paleo February is O-ver!!! And the kids are in bed. Mom winning right here.

To be honest, Paleo month wasn't too horrible. I had a few cheats so I wasn't crazy strict. Maybe...90% paleo 10% non-paleo. A few things about Paleo month. I started to actually like veggies. Like...raw veggies. You read that right. Raw. Dipped in hummus. Veggies and hummus might be my favorite lunch right now and even though Paleo month is over, I plan to continue eating a lot of veggies for lunch. I also didn't miss bread and cheese as much as I thought I would. What did I miss? Dr. Pepper and coffee. I tried drinking hot tea, but there is no comparison. Coffee is my jam.

So what is going on this month!? My resolution this month is to blog everyday, even if it is only one sentence or a picture. I'm hoping I can keep up because this month is busy. We have a lot of visitors coming, which is exciting, but hard to blog while they are here. Hell, it's hard to keep up blogging when I actually have time. And I turn 31 this month so I may or may forget to blog a day or two due to old age. So don't judge me.

Other news. My awesome husband got promoted, Nate is doing MUCH better at school, and Morgan is sleeping MUCH better. My little family is pretty much doing awesome. We are also prepping for our next move. I still don't even really feel settled in Kansas so I am in this internal debate of trying to make Kansas feel like home, but also distance myself and prepare to start packing.

I hope everyone is doing well! And since I'll be bugging you everyday all month, let me know if there is anything you want me to write about!

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