Sunday, March 6, 2016

Shopping. For Myself.

I have kind of been of a shopping spree lately. For myself. It's taken a toll on my bank account, but you know what? I am buying things for ME.

Ever since I had Nate, my purchases have been for him and now I buy things for Nate and Morgan. I buy cheap stuff for myself or wait to be spoiled by my mom. (Thanks, mom!) It's really a strange concept to WANT to buy for these little humans who just grow out of clothes in like a minute and destroy everything they touch. But I LOVE it! They are my world and I just can't resist getting them stuff. Even if it just STUFF. I can't help myself sometimes.

Lately though...lately...I have been buying stuff for me. Without the kids in mind...clothes in particular. I have found a brand that makes me feel young, fun, and less like a frumpy mom. If you know me, you love I have a loving relationship with leggings. I wear them everyday. They are my clothing "lobster". We are soul mates.

You know what it also really hard about shopping for myself? Breastfeeding. F you, "nursing tops". They suck. They are so ugly! And I hate the clips or snaps. I like to just pull down my shirt and whip out my boob. Just like that. I want something that is easy. I don't want to fiddle with a hungry baby, a threenager, and a flipping clip.

My wardrobe is seriously slacking because of this non-sense. But...oh man, Lularoe. Lularoe is a clothing brand. It's a small business/direct sales type. I am officially obsessed with this brand. You can go to "home-parties", but the majority of inventory and purchases are bought online through Facebook and Instagram "pop-ups". You join Facebook groups, the consultant adds inventory, and you buy through your favorite consultant or multiple(up to you).

The patterns and prints are adorable. The material is so comfortable. And, most important to me at the moment is...most of the tops and even dresses are nursing friendly!!! I can even nurse while babywearing. Bonus!!

Lularoe(<<---- add yourself to my favorite consultant's page).

Besides Lularoe, I bought myself a few new pairs of shoes. What!? They were from TJMaxx and cheap, but I bought them for ME! I am so excited to wear them with my lularoe of course.

This post is so silly and I know that. Talking about how I bought clothes and shoes for myself. I'm even chuckling at myself for writing it. But seriously, when you become a mom, YOU, for some reason, get placed on the back burner. You are still there in the back of the stove, but it's that one burner that only gets used a few times. The other three burners are taken up by kids, significant other, family, a job outside of the home(not in my case, but for those amazing working moms!) etc. You are just always the last person you think about.

It's taken me a long time to remind myself to not be on the back burner and take some "me-time", shop for myself, go to Bunco (yes, Bunco, I'm old) or whatever it may be. And not just remind myself to do it...but actually do it! I always think to myself, yes, I do need a break. Yes, I do need to go do (fill in the blank) but then don't do it. Which completely defeats the whole purpose.

I hope this rambling post reminds you to take some time for yourself. Do it and don't feel guilty about it.

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