Sunday, March 13, 2016

Date Your Significant Other.

Making your marriage a priority is freaking hard. Especially after kids. And even more so when there are multiple kids and jobs and (fill in the blank) and (fill in the blank). 
Isn't it crazy how the person you CHOSE to love and most likely LIVE with is somehow the person you don't spend that much time with? Like real, quality time with?

So let's TRY to be better. Let's spend time with our significant other. Date him or her. Like fun, silly, little dates. Even if it's at home. That is what my husband and I do. We have a date night in every Friday. 

I will even give you some ideas. You don't even have to think! Jackpot! 

Date Night In Ideas

1. Watch a movie
If you both like the same type, perfect. If not, one week pick what you like, the next choose one he or she will like. 

2. Board games. 
Yahtzee, Rummikub, Life, Operation, The possibilities are endless. 

3. Card games
Go Fish, Slapjack, Spades, War.

4. Late Dinner.
Feed the kids, but save your appetite for later. Make dinner together then eat in on the floor, with candles, in bed. 

5. Dessert.
Make cookies, brownies, cake pops. Put on some music and dance while you bake. 

6. Have sex.
Will not go into this one.

7. Have a Q&A night.
Do 1, do them all. 

8. Massages.
Dual foot massages with your favorite TV show on or music is my personal favorite. 

9. Do a DIY project together.

10. Plan something.
Meals for the week, a weekend day with the kids, traditions you want to start, plan a fake dream vacation. 

Even though you may not be able to leave the house for whatever reason, you can still spend time and have fun dating your significant other. 

Enjoy each other! 

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