Sunday, March 27, 2016


Happy Easter peeps! Get it...peeps...the Easter marshmallow?? No, crickets...ok...moving on...

So, how was every one's Easter!? We had such a great day!

Both kids woke up before the sun, surprise, surprise. Jason had made an indoor egg hunt for Nate to do when he woke up and Easter baskets were out for both kids. Nate was SO excited. Easter might be more exciting than Christmas to this kid. For real. Finding and hiding eggs made his day. We even used eggs we got from the neighborhood Easter party and Jason stuffed the eggs with Cheetos. Hilarious. And good thing Jason set it up indoors because we woke up to snow. Drunk Kansas at it again.

After opening baskets and searching for eggs, I made a french toast breakfast with bacon and fruit. French toast was a HIT with Morgan, but Nate said he wasn't hungry. Most likely because he had Cheetos at 7am.

Dying Easter eggs was next on our list. Nate and I did them together on the kitchen floor. Fun, simple, and relatively clean.

I got in an Easter workout I found on Pinterest after egg dying and then gave Jason a hair cut.
I did 3 rounds FYI

 We Jason used the eggs we dyed to make deviled eggs for lunch. Then we just relaxed until it was time to go to a birthday party for Nate's little friend.

The birthday party was a blast! The kids played with bubbles, went on a playground, cake, pizza, pinata, etc.

During the party I had a friend snap a few pictures of us because we always use our timer. We got a few good ones!

Hopefully the kids will sleep good tonight because we had a very fun-filled active day. I hope your day and Easter was as good as ours!

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