Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A day in the life of....

**There are a lot of pictures in this post*

I have been wondering what people think I do all day. Since we now live in Hawaii, do people think I just go to the beach, sip drinks with umbrellas, and hula dance everyday? Although that would be nice, that is SO not my life. If I am friends with you on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram, you know most of my posts are food and Nate. That is pretty much my life. I like to stay busy with Nate and get out as much as possible. Our stay here in "paradise" will not last forever so we try to take advantage, but most of our days are full of organized chaos.

This is what today was like for us:

6:30: Nate wakes up. Change a diaper, get his milk cup, go to playroom.
6:45: Read books, watch videos of Nate on my phone (watching himself might be his favorite activity).
7: 10: Outdoor play. Pool, cozy coupe, water table.

7: 45: Breakfast
8:00: Change diaper, change clothes
8:05: Easter egg sensory. I let him do whatever with them for awhile, then I put puffs inside, let him shake them, and eat them if he wanted.

8: 30: Clean up eggs. Blocks. He is finally getting the concept of stacking and attaching them without getting frustrated.

8:45: Papasan Chair climbing. It started raining again, so instead of more outdoor time I took the cushion off the papasan and let me climb all over that. He had a blast!

9:10: Vacuum living room, guest room, Nate's room. He LOVES to vacuum and I got some cleaning done.

9:30: Banana snack.
9:40: Easter egg sensory (again). His choice...just walked right over to the bucket.
9:50: Tantrum. He wanted to use the Easter egg bucket as a step stool to climb. I wouldn't allow it so a meltdown ensued.

10:00: Freeplay. Stacking toy, shapes, cars, etc.

10:15: Easter eggs
10:30: Stacking toy, electronic toys (laptop, phone, camera, etc.)

11:00: Shoes! He tries on all the shoes, tries to walk, runs, gets a different shoes. Loves this "game".

11:30: Change diaper. Lay down for nap. Usually I lay him down closer to 11:45-12, but he was showing signs of being tired.

**I worked on this blog post while he napped**

12:45: Last minute babysitting. Eli arrives! 
1:00: Nate wakes up.
1:05: Play for Eli and lunch for Nate.
1:20: Play with both boys.

The boys looking for the lizard.

Playing "restaurant".

4:00: Eli leaves. Snack for Nate, Free play.
4:30: Start dinner. I hate this time. It is the most stressful, chaotic, meltdown time of my day. I took a few pictures to give you a glimpse...
Cutting veggies while Nate is playing on the floor.
Nate destroying cabinets.

Nate has a meltdown because he can't help cut the veggies.

I pick him up to start the pasta and I get a colander hat.

Nate has a meltdown because I won't let him touch the stove.

I wrap Nate because he is driving me insane.

5:20: Start eating dinner. It's a mess.

5:40: Outdoor play.
6:00: Skype with my mom.
6:30: Bathtime.

6:45: Lotion and prescription oil and pajamas. Bedtime stories. Brushing teeth.

7:00: Nate goes to sleep. I clean the kitchen.
7:20: Relax. 

And that's that. It wasn't a bad day, just non-stop and we were home all day. Dinner time is by far my least favorite time. I dread it. Nate has at least 2-5 meltdowns in less than an hour, mostly because he wants to help doing things that are just not safe. I know he doesn't understand, but it is SO hard not to get frustrated. 

Does Hawaii seem so wonderful now? It is still pretty amazing. The amount of outdoor time, even at home, is one of my favorite parts of Hawaii. The fact that Nate can play in his pool at 7:00am is the best! 

Can someone bring me a margarita now?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mom Prize

Do you ever feel like you deserve a prize for every chore you do around the house? I mean, kids have "chore charts" and reading charts. They get prizes for a job well done. It gives them motivation to keep up the good work. Today, I deserve a mom prize.

Being a mom shouldn't need any explanation why I deserve one, but I'll tell you anyways. 1. Because it feels good to write down what I have accomplished 2. To get your opinion 3. Without it, there wouldn't be much of a blog post.

Reasons why I deserve a mom prize:
1. The other day I fixed our broken toilet. This in itself should get a huge prize. I know absolutely NOTHING about plumbing. It took a great deal of courage to step in The Home Depot to figure out what I needed, ask for help, purchase the item, then actually go home to fix it with a toddler trying to "help". I did it and I seriously wanted to hug myself. I was that proud.

2. I did 3 loads of laundry and actually put all of it away. On the same day. Within hours of folding. This is just unheard of. I have no problem washing, drying, and folding. Putting everything away, that's a different story. I hate it, but I did it.

3. I cleaned and vacuumed the playroom.

4. I played with my son.

5. I cooked a healthy dinner. I've been on a health kick so most nights are healthy. Today I felt like making a frozen pizza, but I didn't.

These are not extraordinary things I did. Well, maybe the toilet fixing is. All the other "chores" are just everyday, normal things that need to be done. There are some days they feel like the most tedious, draining, irritating tasks in the world and you can not for the life of you find the motivation to complete them, let alone attempt to start them.

So why not have mom prizes to give us moms the motivation to get some chores done? What would be your prize to yourself? A glass of wine, pedicure, a day "off" of chores, a nap...?

Tonight, I present this mom, Jennifer, a glass of wine, pajamas, and some T.V. Know that you are doing a great job doing your "chores", even if there are days when nothing gets done. Be proud, get stuff done, and reward yourself.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No More Boob Juice

Heads up:
1. This post is about breastfeeding. If you are offended by it, close this tab now.
2. You will see pictures of breastfeeding at the end of this post. If you don't like it, move on.
3. This is my personal experience. If you want to judge it, I'll ignore it. If you want to share your experience, I'll listen.

OK, now that we got that out of the way...Nate has moved on from boob juice and is now drinking whole milk! Say what!!?? I shouldn't get ahead of myself. He hasn't nursed in 2 days. Over 48 hours! It seems surreal.

To be honest, I was kind of waiting for this day. Mostly for selfish reasons. Stupid reasons and I know that. Breastfeeding takes a toll, especially in the wardrobe department. I had to plan my outfits around the ease of pulling my shirt up or down. I have worn stretchy sports bras for a year and a half. I couldn't wear many dresses. Scarves were a hassle. My shirts had to be easy to nurse in, but not so easy that Nate could flash the world. Getting dressed was a task. Another reason I was over it was Nate didn't take a bottle. I felt so constrained, so tied down. I couldn't leave him for over a couple hours without feeling like I was starving him OR my boobs feeling like they were about to explode. I realize that his breastfeeding days are over, of course, I feel sad. What. The. Crazy!? I feel like a crazy, emotional, happy, bi-polar person. There will be no more sick time nursing, no more tired nursing, no more nursing because I am tired nursing, no more I have no idea what is wrong with you kid nursing. Again, it has only been 2 days, but I can just tell it's over. Another milestone.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had a very laid back, whatever happens attitude towards breastfeeding. I didn't want to stress out if he didn't latch or if I could produce enough. When he was born and the last 15 months it has just been natural. He could win a metal for "Best Breastfeeder" if there was one. It was easy and never had to lug around formula and bottles.

I am happy Nate is weaning, I am. I am also a little teary-eyed that my baby is growing up. This is such an odd feeling. I have a hutch this is just one of the many future bi-polar emotional roller coasters I am going to be on as a mom.

On to the next adventure! Before I end this post, here are a couple pictures of me and the little boob juice lover. They are phone pictures so the quality isn't the best.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm Alive and Awesome!

It is amazing how life can take over. Even some things you love to do can take the back burner. There are so many little past times I enjoy, but never get to take the time to do them for myself. Yes, for myself.

Since becoming a mom it seems as if I am being selfish to do anything for myself. It is my job now to take care of another human being. This tiny human relies on my for everything. Not that it is a bad thing, obviously, I signed up for the job. This new job has ridiculous hours, no days off, and very few breaks. It is completely insane and satisfying at the same time. It teaches patience, love, and understanding. It gives you a sense of purpose. With all that said, I realized I need to "work" on myself.

I have realized I have many "jobs", myself being one of them. I not only have to take care of my little human, but I need to take care of my other half, as well as, myself. Myself. Me. Jennifer. I am still Jennifer. Jason always tells me I need to take breaks, that he can help. He says he can watch Nate while I nap. There is such a difference between hearing words and actually believing them. I now believe him. It has taken a long time, but the words have meaning now.

I'm not exactly sure how this change happened. It was as if just one day I woke up and had the sudden urge to make a drastic change. Jason and I had been discussing eating healthier and getting a gym membership. When I got back from a 3 week trip from California my mind was set. Gym membership activated and the next grocery trip was full of healthy items.

It's been 1 month since my change. My modification. My revision of life. I have lost 7lbs, LOVE the classes at the gym, meal plan with healthy foods, Nate has been sleeping better, and I just feel better! I've started doing little things I used to do, such as, paint my nails, take a nap, read, just have some Jenn-time....maybe even blog more!

As I type, I am enjoying a glass of wine, watching a movie, and know my sleeping little human is in his crib dreaming. The day was busy and crazy, but I did my job. The job duties never end and that's okay. I just need to remember I am still Jennifer, not just "mommy".

I wrote this post as a reminder to myself, but also to everyone else who needs it.. Believe the words. Take the time for yourself. Enjoy whatever makes you happy. You can be a mom, or whatever job you do, and (insert name here) simultaneously. You can. Believe it and do it.