Sunday, March 3, 2013


Another month has past. Good-bye February and hello March!

Jason and I are doing well on our monthly resolutions, so far. Completed January. February was giving away 30 items each. We did that VERY easily. It was also no sweets. Jason completed, I cheated 3 times. Not bad on my part, but it was also a short month. Oops.

March is meal planning dinners for the entire month and sticking to the menu and only spending half of our monthly budget. We have a calendar with all of our meals and we are doing well. Three days in. Go, us! Only using half our budget is going to be TOUGH! My mom and brother are coming to visit in about a week so the eating out budget will probably be the hardest. The grocery bill will also be difficult since we are feeding 4 instead of 2. I am looking for coupons to cut costs on the meals I plan to make while they are visiting, as well as, the meals we have plans for the rest of the month. Planning a monthly meal calendar and looking for specific coupons will help a lot.

We shall see how this month goes. If anyone has any good coupon sites they use, let me know!

Arbonne Winner!

The winner of the Arbonne giveaway is....

Juliane Edwards!

She chose the body wash as her prize so I am excited to see what she thinks of the product.