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Who am I? Always such a hard question and ever-changing. I am an Army wife and a mother of 2. I love volleyball, reading, coffee, Pinterest, and shopping. I am a wanna-be chef, DIY-er, and photographer.

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  1. Just read this! So cute, my lovely natural redheaded daughter. It's fun to see all the things gong on in your life. Can't wait to try the pumpkin spice nut. Yum. Try the Pumpkin ice cream, talk about addicting! Loved seeing you last month, miss you lots. Can't wait to meet our little "Nate Dog" (as his Auntie Britt calls him). Wonder if he'll taste like pumpkin? Can't wait to nibble on him either way! Love you and your cute wonderful hubby. XOXOXO your natural redheaded mommy. (A side note....don't color your hair, you want it red for all Nate's newborn pictures)