Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hello February!

One month down for 2016! Has everyone kept up with their resolutions!? I haven't. I was trying to give up Dr. Pepper for the umpteenth time, but gave in on day 22. I blame it on lack of sleep. I did, however, keep up with my monthly resolution of giving at least one compliment to someone everyday. I used social media most days or shot out a quick text to someone. 

February is a new month and a new resolution. This month is Paleo. Jason and I have done it before years ago, but it is now more popular and there are SO many more recipes and ideas. Thank you, Pinterest. 

Eating Paleo is tough for me. It is high meats and veggies, fruits, and nuts. Ugh! For the love of bad carbs! Cutting out breads, wheat, and grains are the hardest part by far. I have planned out the first 2 weeks of eating so it is easier to stay on track, then I'll plan the next 2 weeks. There are a few cheat days planned for special occasions, but it's only 3-4 days out of the month.

Here are the first 2 weeks of food:
Only 11 ideas are here because of a special occasion and days designated to leftovers.

Lettuce wrapped burgers. 
Taco salad
Grilled chicken thighs
BBQ ribs 
Spaghetti squash and meatballs
Crockpot ham: recipe here
Grilled chicken breast salad
Carnitas on bell peppers: recipe here
Bacon wrapped guacamole stuffed chicken: recipe here This is going to be our Valentine's Day dinner.

As far as breakfast goes, there will be a lot of eggs eaten and smoothies. Lunches will be fruit, veggies, salads, leftovers, etc. 

A few items we aren't going "strict" on. The Paleo diet states beans and legumes are anti-nutrients. 
You can read why beans are legumes are not paleo here. We will be eating a few still, such as, green beans, black beans, and peanuts. We will limit them, but they are in a few of our recipes. 

If you have done the Paleo diet before and have any amazing recipes, feel free to shoot them my way! 

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