Thursday, March 10, 2016


I love pictures. I take them with my phone all day long, mostly of food and kids.

Today I took pictures of a friend's kids. Easter pictures.

I've taken pictures for friends before, but I am always nervous. I am FAR from a professional. And taking pictures for someone else is WAY different and harder than taking them of my own kids.

There is a ton of pressure. I want them to be good; they want them to be good. The hard part is the kids. They could care less about looking cute, staying still, and posing with some damn fake flowers and Easter eggs. Can you blame them? Not really.

So the 2 boys I photographed today are 3 and almost 1. Talk about hard ages! Oh, and I had Morgan screaming. It was a challenge to say the least. And I was sweating.

I managed to get a few decent ones, but I am still no where near comfortable charging what the majority of photographers charge. I charged a whole $15. I do have my own facebook page, but since I only take pictures for friends as of now, there is only a few sessions to see.

Here are some of my favorites...
And yes, I had permission for Mama to post these.

I give props to all the pro photographers. You guys make it look easy. 

Do you take your own pictures or do you hire a professional?