Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bathtime Nonsense.

In my post this morning I said I might write about how Nate has been doing so much better in school. He is, but that will be another day. Because right now I don't like the threenager.

The day hasn't been horrible. Just long and I'm tired and he is tired.

Bath time tonight though.

I'm dealing with the kids solo because Jason had a work dinner to go to. Jason usually does bath. And if by chance I am giving bath, Jason will have Morgan or she goes to bed half way through so he gets the one-on-on time he desperately seeks. He for sure is a "negative attention is better than no attention" type of kid.

Well, tonight, Morgan was still up and I was solo. It started out fine. Fill up the tub, he wanted bubbles, Morgan was playing with a toothbrush...good to go. But then, I don't know what happened, but something switched and psycho Nate came out.

He was throwing toys, splashing water, screaming at the top of his lungs deliberately to scare Morgan...just to push my buttons. Oh, he knows my buttons. He was kicking the water out and threw a water toy car at me and Morgan.

That's when I lost it. I had been calm for the last 5 minutes of his shenanigans. And 5 minutes is a flipping long time. After he threw the car I threw it back in the bathtub at him. And yelled. Loud.

That really only made it worse. I was OVER it. Done. I had lost my cool. The water was already draining so now he was having a meltdown and "freezing cold"(his words). I told him to dry himself off, I threw his towel next to the tub, and walked away. Because I would've yelled more.

I gave myself a breather. I helped him dry off, got him in his pajamas, brushed teeth, picked out a few books, read, and then said goodnight. He was still upset because our normal bedtime routine is HE gets to pick what pajamas, HE gets to help brush teeth, HE gets to pick books. He does mostly everything, which works out most nights.

Not tonight, kiddo. Nope. I win tonight. No choices. No fun.

His bedtime is 7, but I said good night at 6:30 and haven't heard a peep. Peace out, little bath time monster.

We talked about tomorrow will be a better day and about his behavior. He apologized and knew I was serious.

I know we all lose our shit sometimes, right moms??  I try to stay calm and 90% I do with a loud stern voice. Not tonight. I was like psycho mom and yelled probably the loudest I ever had at him. I feel guilty, but NOTHING was getting through to him.

How do you handle yourself in moments like this!?

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