Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello May.

May is here and it is going to busy! We move next month so packing has begun! We are packing and moving ourselves so we can do a little at a time and not be so overwhelmed as time gets closer.

With moving comes purging, organizing, and realizing you have way too much shit stuff. I mean, really. We have so much stuff. You don't notice until you are going through closets and cabinets and finding things under your couch and bed.

It is really my fault for having the majority of the stuff. I like decor. I like Rae Dunn. I like coffee cups. I like pillows. I like kitchen gadgets I use only once a year. I like baskets. I like all the things! I should really think about why I like all these things so much. I really need to simplify.

Later. I'll add it on my list of things to do.

Even though we still have a ton of things, we did get rid of A LOT.

We had a yard sale last weekend and purged. Our April New Year's resolution was to get rid of or donate at least 200lbs. We surpassed that. And yes, we actually weighed the things. Until we hit 200lbs.

After we hit 200lbs, we just kept adding. Whatever didn't sell at the yard sale was donated. We don't know the exact number of pounds we got rid of, but if I had to guess it was probably around 500lbs.


Isn't that crazy!? And we STILL has a house full of everything we need and more.

So now we are in May. We have a few exciting events coming up.

1. Jason is taking Nate to a Royals baseball game.
2. Bunco night. Yes, this is exciting. Even if I do lose $13 every month. Worth it for the adult time and food.
3. Jason and Nate are having a "boys only" camping trip together. How freaking adorable is that!?
4. I am doing a Color Run.
5. My brother's birthday is in May.
6. Mother's Day. Pedicure, Starbucks, and Lularoe clothes? (hint, hint...Jason)
7. Morgan's first birthday party. Her birthday isn't until June, but with everyone moving we had to move it up a few weeks. Her theme is "Sweet Summertime". Pink and yellow colors with outdoor fun and BBQ/picnic foods.

I hope everyone has a wonderful May. I'll leave you with a few quotes/saying beginning with May. Because...May. And maybe you need a little smile or inspiration.

*May we choose the harder right than the easier wrong.
-Thomas Monson

*May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
-Nelson Mandela

*May you realize you are enough.

* May you drink your coffee hot and keep your kids alive.