Saturday, April 16, 2016

Morgan is 10 Months.

Our little chunks is 10 months old today. Ten. Double digit months now. I can't even handle it.

She is now crawling, pulling herself up on everything, and eating everything her fat fingers can grasp.

She loves eating, being outside, taking baths, dancing, and reading.

She hates sleep and getting her diaper changed.

She has 2 bottom teeth.

No one can make her laugh like Nate.

Her favorite foods are blackberries, peas, chicken casserole pouch, grass, dirt, cheese, pancakes.

She can wave, give high fives, dance, peek-a-boo, grab sunglasses off our heads.

People stop us wherever we go to chat about her thighs, cheeks, eyes, and/or tiny hair bows. Seriously, we are out for at least 30 minutes more than we should. Every. Time.

Morgan is so cute that her lack of sleep she gives me makes up for it. Barely.

And now I'm tearing up because my baby is 10 months old. Great, thanks time and blogging. Thanks a lot.

Here's my sweet girl