Thursday, March 3, 2016


Oh the joys of being an adult. And being an adult in a military lifestyle. One aspect in my family's life that is constant is change. We move a lot. Once we PCS(move) to our next station, it will be our 7th move in 7 years. Not 7 moves in different cities. Seven different states. Seven. Let that sink in for a minute. Or 7 minutes.

It is both awesome and frustrating at the same time. The fact that we have the opportunity to see so many places, meet so many people, and experience what some many never do in a lifetime is purely amazing to me. Yeah, some states we have lived in were not so great, but the people make the memories and make it home. Like...Iowa and Kansas. We wants to live there!? Not this Cali girl. But the friends I made make it okay. Just okay though...don't get cocky Iowa and Kansas friends.

North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Iowa, Hawaii, and Kansas. You 6 states will forever be a part of me. Stories I will tell my kids about. Memories of hating certain parts, but absolutely loving others. The laughter, the tears, and everything that goes on in our crazy military lifestyle.

The moving and then trying to move on. Trying to move and move on, but not forgetting. Trying to move and stay close to friends you will most likely never see again in person, but only through texts, phone calls, and social media. Trying to move, but stay connected to where you still are. Trying to make houses a home, but knowing you will be moving again in a few years or less. Trying to make the most of difficult situations. Trying to explain to a 3 year why he can't go to his best friends house anymore. It's exhausting and wonderful.

It's a challenge. It has been a challenge I knew I signed up for, but didn't expect to be so hard. It's a challenge I accept and I'm willing to keep at. Because it is worth it. My family is everything to me and my husband's career has made our life what it is.

This post was brought to you by our next move, which is in a few months. We actually put an offer on a house sight unseen and didn't get it. Someone offered more. So now my feelings are all mixed up and I'm emotional for different reasons. I'm sad because I started to plan. I was starting to plan where furniture would go, which room would be the kid's rooms, what color to paint the walls, etc. I was starting to feel like, "Ok, One thing to check off the list". Nope. I was starting to sense some stability since we know we will be stationed there for a few years and have a house. But...I'm also fine with it. I can look at more houses. We had put the offer in without even seeing it, which is SCARY! I'm also fine because we still are in Kansas for a few more months which feels like FOREVER! I am just starting to feel settled here and moving just means more change.

So here I am. In this strange limbo between trying to make Kansas a home and enjoy my friends here and get ready for the next move. And this feeling happens every move. You want to move, but you want to stay. you wish you had stability, but love getting to live in different places. You love to meet new friends, but miss your old ones with all your heart.

For now I just try to take a breath and relax. Everything will be okay. It always is.

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