Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I swear I am like an old lady. My life is so different from 10 years ago; it is not even funny. Not that I'm complaining. Getting my party days out of the way when I did was perfect. I had a blast. Now I am "older" and just...different.

As I sit here, wide awake at 7am because my kids are awake, I am drinking coffee, blogging, and watching cartoons. Besides blogging in the morning, coffee and cartoons are basically a daily morning routine. Coffee and cartoons, I mean, really, it is pretty awesome. It would be slightly higher on the awesome meter if it was later...say 8am and after, but I really can't complain. Both kids wake up in good moods 95% of the time.

I do feel tired this morning though. Yesterday was a very long day, hence the no blog post of the day, so I am going to do 2 today. Wanna know what I did yesterday? You should because my life is extremely glamorous and I know you'll be super jealous.

Up for the day at 6am. Morgan is up, nursing, and hanging out. Then Nate wakes up around 6:45. We get breakfast going. It was a school day for Nate, so it's a fast breakfast and I just have coffee. Nate and Morgan make huge messes. Get kids dressed for the day.

Drop off Nate at school at 8am. He is doing SO much better at school!! That might be my post for tonight. Morgan and I go to Target, Home Depot, Dollar Tree, and Five Below. Then head back to pick up Nate at 11.

Pick up Nate. Another good day, but he busted his lip riding a scooter during outside time. No biggie. I'll take minor injury over him being an asshole any day. We get home and he eats a snack. He ALWAYS asks for fruit snacks, but I make him eat something healthy before any treats. But most likely, he gets fruit snacks after. Especially if he had a good day at school.

Then we play at home. He plays. Morgan, Nate, and I all play together. Around 1, Morgan goes down for a nap and Nate can watch a show or 2. School days he gets to watch his show after school. Non-school days, he can watch in the morning, like today.

During Morgan's nap and Nate watching cartoons, I try to get some chores around the house done. Dishes, laundry, sweep, bathrooms, organize, etc. Yesterday, however, I decided I wanted to rearrange the house a little. Military housing we are in is not the best so I am trying to make this place feel like home. It's been a challenge. Anyways, I moved a few things around.

Morgan wakes up from her nap, cartoons get shut off, and we play more. Most days if the weather is decent I take the kids outside. It's finally getting warmer so outside playtime will happen more. Which Nate needs. Because...all the energy.

Jason gets home around 4. We discuss our days. I order Chinese and the boys go pick it up. I had a small group of girls over to celebrate our friend having a baby in 1 week!! Six awesome ladies eating Chinese, drinking wine, eating cookies (The Little Monster Bakery), and chatting. Super fun!

Everyone left around 10. P-M! I'm usually in bed by then. Ladies left, I cleaned up, then Jason and I looked at potential houses until midnight. Then Morgan woke up. I nursed her, then to bed at 1am. She woke up again at 4am, then up for the day at 5:45am. Nate up at 6am.

So here I am, blogging in the morning eating left over Chinese because I couldn't look at a computer any longer after looking and ranking over 20 houses. House hunting is exhausting and Jason is even doing the majority of the work.

Today we are going to hang at home all day. Try to relax. the next 2 weeks are crazy hectic. We have 3 sets of visitors, Jason's promotion ceremony, more house hunting, my birthday(not that I do anything crazy), and just life. It's going to busy and fun, chaotic at times, but full of love, family, and friends.

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