Monday, March 28, 2016

Sick Days For Moms. Nope.

There isn't any, right!? Nope. You still have to be a parent. Unless you have family or babysitters readily available. But I don't. So...I mom on.

When I am sick, I get in this strange mode where I feel like I need to clean or at least do SOMETHING. If not, I will lay down and not get up. Then the kids would suffer. Because they wouldn't be able to feed themselves or change a diaper or be able to throw away trash or be able to turn a cartoon on or be able to find a toy they lost three weeks ago and now just realized they lost. You know, stuff I have to help with on the daily.

This morning, I tried to convince Nate to snuggle with me and watch cartoons all day. Didn't happen. He watched some, but was done by 9am. We did find Inspector Gadget on Netflix though! Say what!? Nate was confused with all my excitement. He watched an episode, but wasn't completely in love. In his defense, it is a remake, new Inspector Gadget so I can't really fault him.

It was a nice day, so I was outside most of the day with the kids. I was tired and stuffy and congested and coughing, but the fresh air helped a lot! The neighbors across the street taught Nate how to play Four Square which was just the cutest thing ever and he was really good!

Four Square, Inspector Gadget, and nice weather!? Yes, please! Brought me back to my childhood and I really wanted a bowl of Lucky Charms or some McDonald's breakfast to really seal my blast of the past day.

Jason came home from work early so I actually was able to get in a nice nap while Morgan took her afternoon nap. Best. Husband. Ever. And he grilled chicken. Score!

Now the kids are both in bed and I am drinking another cup of hot tea, stuffing my nose with tissue, and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Good times, my friends. Good times.

Hopefully I feel a little better tomorrow. If not, McDonald's is happening. For it being a "sick day" the kids were actually well-behaved and took it easy on me. So thankful.

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