Friday, March 25, 2016

Nate Got Beat Up By A Girl.

Tonight we had an Easter get together with our neighbors. Potluck style. Pulled pork, mac and cheese, pasta salad, fruit, hot dogs, rice, taquitos, empanadas, cake pops, s'mores...basically a huge table full of deliciousness. Be jealous.

The kids had an Easter egg hunt, glow bracelets, egg sunglasses (they wore them for all of 1 minute because you can't see out of them well). They all had their little bikes, scooters, tricycles, etc.

Backstory: Nate is sometimes a bully. Like a 3 year old jerk who doesn't want to share and wants what he wants when he wants it. Even if it is a bigger kid. He doesn't care. Hopefully it is just his age and this will lead to future greatness with his stubborn personality and motivation to get shit done. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, back to tonight. Nate and his little friend, who is a girl, started fighting over a bike. He wanted to ride it, she wanted to ride it, blah, blah, typical 3 year old drama. Usually, Nate will win and the other kid backs off. Usually.

Tonight, his friend stepped it up and stood up for herself. And she bitch slapped him in the face. Hard. Like, so hard when she hit him, her nail made a huge scratch on his cheek. She wasn't going to take the high road this time.

So, the question do you handle it? Part of me is thinking, "FINALLY! Someone stood up for themselves and didn't let him get his way!" Another part of me is thinking, "Did he deserve it in that particular incident?"  The little girl has been yelled at and had taken toys from him for the past several months. I bet that hit was bottled up inside and she snapped. I don't blame her either way. She is a super sweet girl that takes a lot from Nate.

Nate was crying because he was hurt from a scratch and he didn't get the bike. Tough luck? In this particular case...yep. He needs to learn to take turns. He needs to learn to let others go before him sometimes, especially friends. He needs to learn to use words to communicate. He needs to learn if he yells and hits, someone is going to hit him back. And harder. Hitting is not cool, kid.

Think he learned his lesson? Probably not completely. But you know what? I will for sure remind me of getting hit. How it made him feel and how he should treat others.

This wasn't a huge issue. small three year old tiff, no biggie. But, it can be a big lesson. A small fight over a bike can be teaching moment for him. And that is what parenting and life and being a kid is about sometimes. Getting slapped in the face by a girl over a bike.

Yes, they are still friends. Because I know you were just dying to know. There are no hard feelings. Both kids had a little moment to settle down, say "sorry" and move on. And the Easter party continued.


  1. I am always so enthralled by your blogs and postings. I hate we don't live closer, because we share a lot of similar takes on our crazy kiddos!

    1. I know! That would be awesome if we were closer!

    2. I know! That would be awesome if we were closer!