Friday, January 4, 2013

Post-pregnancy Plan

Time to get back in shape and get my pre-baby body back ( close as possible)! I know having a baby has changed my body and it will probably never look the same again.

**Warning: There are 2 pictures below of my body as of today (7 weeks after giving birth).

I am posting them because I want to be okay with my body and also motivate myself. By putting the pictures on my blog it will give me no option but to work out and be accountable for changing the way I look. If I don't, you will see me look more like a kangaroo carrying Nathan around...

So, what is my plan to lose the weight and get a better body? Here is the plan:
1. Workout (duh!)
      a) Stroller Strides-Quad Cities. I'll be going once a week for now, then when it gets warmer (and back outdoors) I'll go 2-3 times a week.
      b) My brother got me YourShape Fitness Evolves XBox game...much better for this freezing weather and an infant.
      c) Crossfit with the hubster and/or solo. Crossfit has their own website, so I can easily look there or do a workout or two on the weekend with Jason.
      d) A monthly task. This month is an actual monthly resolution of doing 100 squats a day, but I want to do something every month...100 stairs, 100 triceps, 100 situps, etc.
2. Eat healthier. Healthier being the key word. This is harder than the working out for me because I heart bad food. Why does it have to be so damn good!? I need to eat less carbs DEFINITELY and less sweets.
3. Drink more water. I drink about 20oz a day (very rough estimate) and I know I need more. Period. I will actually go get a glass right now, thank you very much. *drinks a glass* Boom! Easy peasy.

Here is what the good ol' belly looks like now...

So here is my promise to myself to get back in shape and get somewhat of a nice body back.

What are some ways you lost the baby weight? If you haven't lost it yet, join know you want to!

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