Sunday, January 27, 2013

January is almost over.

I just realized this month is coming to an end. This means month one of resolutions are almost done and a new month is about to start. I looked to see what February was and had a mini panic attack. February is no sugar/candy and giving 30 things away. Giving 30 things away is easy, I have an entire box full of stuff ready to hit the road. It's the candy and sugar part I had a little heart flutter over. I feel like I want to go to Target and buy of bunch of crap and stuff my face right this second. If it wasn't raining I probably would. There are still a couple more days left in January so if I can get out of the house, candy will be purchased.

Besides my sweet tooth kicking in high gear, I am doing well in January's resolutions. It was to do 100 squats a day and inventory the house. As far as the squats go, I did skip 2 days. I made them up though. Bad decision because doing 200 squats instead of 100 is stupid. This is the last weekend of the month and the only rooms we have left to inventory are the bathrooms and the basement.

Doing the inventory was A LOT easier than I thought it was going to be. It makes you realize how much crap you actually have in your house. I noticed it the most in the kitchen when I didn't even know what to call a couple things..."Umm, this green, glass, platter, dish thingy?" "This clear thing that holds things?" It was crazy. I also noticed it when going through my closet. Adding up tank tops, shirts, long sleeve tops, cardigans, and blazers I was at 200. That's not including dresses, skirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, chonies, socks, workout clothes, etc. That was just tops. Oops.

I know the last couple days of January are going to fly by...

Have you stuck your New Year's resolution or has it gone out the window already?

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  1. To quit my job and get back to the old Annie! I'm half way there...6 more days!