Thursday, January 31, 2013

Teeth Cleaning

I had my teeth cleaned today. Yes, it feels good to have all that crap taken off and know your teeth are clean. I am SO glad I only have to do this every 6 months. Going to the dentist is not fun.

First of all, since we are military, I pretty much am a new patient every time because we move so often. I have to fill out new patient paperwork that takes forever and get asked the same questions over and over. It's their job, but holy moly, they ask a lot!

Then, all they want to do is talk to you! WHY!? I seriously do not get this at all. You have sharp objects in my mouth and are asking every possible question in the book. Do dentists get question books so they remember all of them? They want to know your life story and more. So strange.

This teeth cleaning experience wasn't too bad. I got compliments on my non decaying teeth, thank you very much, and have no cavities. The hygienist said the weirdest thing's part of our conversation...

Teeth cleaner: "Have any kids"?
Me: "Yes, a 2 1/2 month old little boy". *opens mouth*
Teeth cleaner: "OH, that is so WONDERFUL!"
Me: "Yeah, he's pretty cute". *opens mouth*
Teeth cleaner: "So, where is he?"
Me: *closes mouth* "With my husband..." *opens mouth*
Teeth cleaner: "OH, that is so WONDERFUL! We'll just take our sweet time then! *smiles super smile*
Me: *opens mouth*

Umm...did she really just say, "take our sweet time"? Does she know I'm at the freaking DENTIST!? This is not a vacation or a manicure or a massage or shopping or a beach lady. How can she possibly think I would want to be there longer than I have to?

If any dentists or dental hygienists know why so many questions are asked while our mouths are open, PLEASE explain it to me!!

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  1. That sounds like such a headache having to go to a new dentist at practically every visit. I, too, don't like going to the dentist even if it is just for a routine cleaning. The whole experience can seem a bit overwhelming, but I am glad that you went and had the cleaning done for a more beautiful and healthier smile.

    Bennie Chandler @ Pine Creek Dental