Monday, January 21, 2013

I 'had" a dream...of donuts.

And I failed. Well, at least failed at the presentation portion.

Wait, I should start out by saying, Happy MLK, Jr. Day! I don't work at the moment so I can't say thanks for giving me an extra day. But I'm sure those who get the day off thank you very much, kind sir.

My dream was to make Valentine's Day mini donuts. I heart mini anything.

I had it all pictured in my head. Cute hearts and flowers with red and pink sprinkles. And they were going to be donuts...delish, right?

They were pretty good and easy...but my dream of them looking cute for a Valentine's day treat: not so much. Good thing I made them a couple weeks in advance. Phew!

I made the donuts out of a can of biscuits and fried them in vegetable oil. Not healthy at all.

Once the biscuits were out on a cookie sheet, I flattened them out to use my cute cookie cutters. They looked cute at the beginning...

I started to fry them in the veggie oil and the biscuits started to expand. The shapes disappeared quickly.

It only takes a couple seconds to fry them up (about 20 flipping with a metal spatula)
*DO NOT use a plastic slotted spoon or spatula. Did that first and melted it. Another fail! :(
Placed on a paper towel and baking cooling rack

The shapes didn't turn out the way I planned, so I though maybe, just MAYBE I could salvage the V-day look with the icing. I wanted to use white chocolate so the sprinkles would look brighter on white. I used this recipe for the icing and white chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet.

UGH!! It did not come out white. Why is WHITE chocolate not white!? It was more of a clear-ish color. I rolled my donut odd-shaped, ball whatevers I had in the icing. Then I added the sprinkles. My hot pink and red sprinkles looked exactly the same color. COME ON! Really!? I can't even get a good color combo.

At this point I didn't even want to taste them. I did anyway because how can a fried biscuit covered in a white chocolate icing taste bad. FINALLY! At least they tasted good. Next time I will definitely go with a standard donut shape and no sprinkles. If I was doing this for V-day, I would do a fun packaging instead.

My dream of heart and flower mini donuts didn't work out, but they did taste good. That's the most important thing, right? It's been less than 24 hours and they are gone. I guess it wasn't all bad.

Hope everyone has a wonderful MLK, Jr. Day!

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