Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chronicles of a Kappes PCS: Day 9

We are still in South Dakota. Apparently SD is a huge state. And has a lot of cows. So. Many. Cows.

We had an early start today and everyone was in good spirits.

I found a cool donut place so we went there for breakfast before getting on the freeway.

The donuts were HUGE. Most were normal size, but some were about 6-7 donuts combined into one. It fit in a box that a dozen donuts fit in. By itself. So crazy. And no we didn't get one. We asked Nate if he wanted one and this was his response, "No. I can't handle that. I don't even think a huge monster could handle that".

Quick donut trip and on to the next destination. 1880 Town with a train turned into a restaurant. You actually get to eat in the train. Food was very limited and pricey, but really cool place.

We walked around a little bit, then guess what next!?...

Back on the road.

Morgan fell asleep right away. Nate did some tracing, some playing, and then took about an hour nap.

Our next stop is STILL in South Dakota. Why is this state so big!? We checked into our hotel and then went to dinner.

Barbacoa's. It is similar to Chipotle, but the burritos are even bigger. And delish.

My burrito that was as big as my head.

After dinner, Jason took Nate swimming at the hotel and my mom and I got the hotel room situated a little bit and got Morgan ready for bed.

Everyone had a good day! We ate at some fun places today and there was minimal to zero whining. Success!

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