Monday, June 13, 2016

Chronicles of the Kappes PCS: Day 1

I'm starting our chronicles day 1 today because, well, I'm starting today. Also, the movers came today so it works out well. You're welcome.

We decided on a "Partial PPM"(aka partially procured move aka we move some, packers pack and move some) this PCS(aka permanent change of station aka move to another base). We decided on a partial PPM because it is really hard to move big bulky stuff. Especially big bulky stuff that doesn't weigh a lot. When you move, the Army pays you by weight. For every pound, you get $.80. so, you want heavy stuff. But you also have a maximum weight. Ours is about 18,000 pounds and it is determined by rank. We definitely don't have 18,000 pounds worth of stuff.

 I know, it's kind of confusing. The point is we make money by moving ourselves. It is a lot of work, organization, and planning, but it can be done and we make a pretty little penny. Also, my husband is anal and likes to pack his stuff the way he wants to pack it. He is VERY organized. He is a logistics officer so this is right up his little type A alley.

Nate with the moving company's truck. He is very excited. 

When you do a partial PPM, you have to schedule movers to come pack you up. The movers come to your house, wrap everything is the most crazy ways, put a sticker on the box or object, and put it all on an inventory checklist. Every single thing has a sticker and you will find those stickers for the rest of your military life.

Our movers were scheduled today with a time block between 9-11. They showed up at noon. Not horrible. We figured they were stuck at the gate getting checked in with all the other moving trucks. We were told TWO HUNDRED other families were also getting packed up today so you can imagine the amount of trucks in line trying to get on a military installation. It takes forever if you don't have a military ID. Being an hour late was a success.

Two guys showed up and started right away. We had waters and Powerades for them because moving and packing SUCKS. Especially in 95 degree heat. Usually if they are morning packers, you provide lunch. Ours were here from 12-5 so we just gave them some money to go get dinner themselves.

The crates our stuff gets put in

While they were packing, I took the kids out of the house to get frozen yogurt. You don't want little kids in the middle of them packing. We got home and the packers still had about another hour left to go. After they left, we had dinner, got the kids in the bath, put them to bed, then more moving stuff. In this house we have a basement so we moved what we could up into the living room so we can get ahead of the game on that. We don't have much left to pack, just a few odds and ends.

We get our moving truck in a few days, so now we have time to pack up the last minute stuff, clean, and prepare for hotel living and driving for 5 days.

And that's it for today! It wasn't too bad! I'm pretty sure I hurt my shoulder carrying up a tough box(rolling box that carries all the military things like uniforms). Those tough boxes suck to bring up steep basement stairs.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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