Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chronicles of a Kappes PCS: Day 3

Today was a fairly mellow. We have a lot done and without a truck to put our stuff in, we are at a point where we just do little random things.. Nothing major besides loading the truck and cleaning.

With all the boxes everywhere, I feel very restricted in the house with the kids. There is no room. And it was 100 degrees outside so taking them to a park wasn't happening.

A local movie theater, Landing 4, has .50 cent kid shows on certain days. I thought it was the perfect time to see if Nate could handle watching a whole movie in the theater without spending $20 on tickets and an ounce of popcorn. I could swing .50 cents easy. They were playing Home this week. It was SO cute! I think I liked it more than Nate. If you are stationed at Fort Leavenworth or are close, I would definitely recommend kid movie days. Even regular movie prices weren't outrageous.

After the movie, we all went to our favorite discount store, Morefield's. It has the most random stuff. Food, baby items, clothes, housewares, etc. I like to go there for cheap snacks or to see if they have any good baby items on sale. My deal of the century is baby food pouches that were 10 for $1. In a normal store pouches are around $1.20-$1.75 EACH. I bought 60 for $6!!! They are good brands, too, such as, Earth's Best and Happy Baby. SCORE!

As far as actually PCS stuff, Jason did what needed to be done. Weighing my car was on top of the priority list. Since we are moving ourselves, you have to weigh your car completely empty, then weigh it with everything packed inside. Same goes with the moving truck. The weigh station gives you a ticket and that is how they determine your weight and can pay you based on the weight difference. He also deep cleaned the large trash cans, took a car load of donations, packed a few boxes, cleaned the basement, and moved the washer and dryer upstairs.

For dinner, we tried to eat the rest of the remaining food. We have had our meals planned so it wasn't horrible. Chicken wraps. We did flip a laundry basket over to make a table for us though. Classy stuff right here.

Bath time was hectic. Morgan slipped and got scared because water went in her eyes. Then, as she stood up again, she slipped and hit her chin on the side on the bathtub. Good times. Nate has an infected blister on his thumb and was screaming because it was stinging him. So he didn't want to take a bath and get it wet. Also good times.

It's now not even 7pm and both kids are asleep. This whole heat and moving is exhausting. I'm exhausted too. I'm taking the night off. Tomorrow will be busy enough.


  1. Thanks for sharing what all goes in to moving! And, I've never heard of morefields. Guess I need to check it out. Jen New

    1. It's in Lansing near All Slabbed Up. Sometimes they even have Tulas!