Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chronicles of a Kappes PCS: Day 2

Hello Tuesday! Today was a day of last minutes and "see you laters".

When you move, there are random things you do that you should've done awhile ago, but then life happens. You always think there is enough time. And there usually is, but you procrastinate until the last minute. Today was my teeth cleaning day. I use the excuse that Morgan was a baby and I couldn't leave her for that long of a time. To get my teeth cleaned. How ridiculous is that? Of course I had time. She can be left for 1-2 hours easily. It was just one of those things I put off. So here I am, less than a week away from moving and getting in a dentist appointment.

Other last minute stuff is usually getting medical records, filling prescriptions, getting your oil changed, checking your tires, eating all the leftover random food in your fridge, etc.

My breakfast. On the floor because we don't have a table.

Today we had to say another "see you later". Most of the time us military peeps use that phrase because we are in denial. We have made friends who turn into family. Will we see them later? Most likely not. We will keep in touch through social media, but the reality of us ever seeing each other in person again is slim to none. And we don't like to believe that. It is hard. Like, really hard.

Here in Kansas we had a tribe. There was a group of us and we just clicked. And we were all neighbors. We all had our shitty houses to complain about even though they are what brought us together. We shared our frustrations and silly moments with our kids. We drank margaritas because it was Tuesday. We borrowed each others car seats when our husbands accidentally took ours. We had nightly walks together to make sure we hit 10,000 steps on our fitbit. We had each other. In a place where we knew no one, we became friends. And that's what makes moving so hard.

The kid tribe.

Tonight, I sit amongst boxes. They are everywhere. We organized them by size so when we get the truck it will be easy for Jason to load. I am doing our last load of laundry so we can drain the washer and haul it up from the basement. Thank goodness we had someone to borrow a dolly from.

The living room.

My amazing view from the couch. Be jealous.

The dining room with all the small and random stuff.

Cleaning the refrigerator is also on my agenda tonight. Tip: You should clean your refrigerator more often. That thing gets dirty. For real, deep clean it. Or maybe I'm just not a clean person. How often do you deep clean your refrigerator? Something is so sticky on the bottom shelf and I have no idea what it is. Also, I found a baggie. An empty one. What!? I blame it on Nate. 

Here is what I will leave you with tonight:
1. Appreciate the friends and family who are close by.
2. Clean your refrigerator.
3. Make a dentist appointment.
4. Have margaritas. Because...Tuesday.
5. Enjoy eating on a chair with a table.

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  1. Best tribe ever! I will miss this place :(

    Refrigerators are too sticky, agreed!