Thursday, June 16, 2016

Chronicles of a Kappes PCS: Day 4

Here it is. The drama of a PCS. I knew it would come sooner than later. It was going to well. Not today. Today...was long as fuck. Take it from the top? Ready? It will be long, just FYI.

The morning was good. Woke up to having a one year old. My sweet little Morgan turned one and slept until 7. SCORE! Nate woke up in a good mood, too. Another great start. We had breakfast then walked over to say yet another "see you later". I won't get into that again because it sucked. Again.

After we said "see you later" to some friends, we walked over to another friend's house who just arrived. A friend I have known since FOURTH grade! It was so amazing to see her and her family and we even get to have dinner together tomorrow night. But it also sucks because that's all we get. Just 2 days. We hung out for a few then needed to head home for lunch and Morgan's nap.

We walked home, I got Morgan to sleep, and Nate earned a few minutes on my tablet. Fifteen minutes goes by and I get a phone call. A phone call from Jason saying he fainted at the Army hospital of all places. He was trying to refill our prescriptions before we left so we went into the pharmacy. He said he got dizzy then fainted nose first right on the pharmacy counter. Awesome. (insert sarcastic look) I had to go pick him up because they said he need a CAT scan at the ER which is about 10 minutes off-post.

So what did I have to do while worrying? I had to wake up a baby who had been sleeping for a whole 15 minutes. I had to take the tablet away from Nate who had earned it. Morgan is crying, Nate is crying, I am sweating. It is a hot mess. Then Morgan's car seat isn't installed. Great. So I installed a car seat with 2 grumpy kids and a husband waiting on me.

I get them situated, get Jason, and we head off to the ER. Oh yeah, did I mention he never got the prescriptions? Yep, that also happened. So we still need to get those. We knew it was going to be awhile at the ER so I took Nate to McDonald's because I was in the process of making lunch when I had to leave. McDonald's has a play area so he got a chance to eat and play while we killed some time.

Poor Jason

It was all eating and fun until Nate had to poop. At McDonald's. So. Gross.
*Disclaimer* If you don't like poop stories scroll on past this paragraph.

With no exaggeration, we were in the bathroom no less than 20 minutes. TWENTY. Because his poop was stuck. He was trying and trying. And the automatic flusher kept flushing on him. He was crying because of stuck poop and an automatic flusher. In a bathroom. Do you know how loud a cry is in a bathroom? Loud. And it echoes. I am also holding a crazy baby who hasn't napped in my arms. After 10 minutes I said, "Fuck it", and Morgan was loose on the bathroom floor. She decided to just unroll the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper. I let her do it because it was better than crawling on the floor and I was trying to calm down Nate who was yelling, "What is the poop trying to do to me?! Why is it stuck!? What does green mean!? (the green flashing light that the automatic flusher has to let you know it is about to flush) I'm pushing as hard as I can!"

I don't even want to know the faces the people must have had while they were in there. If you really want to know...the poop finally came out. And all was well again. With Nate...because I was not ok. I needed a fucking drink. I had to settle for a Dr. Pepper.

We left McDonald's and headed back to the ER after an hour and a half. Jason was still getting checked. All labs and blood came back negative. Just elevated white blood count which they said could indicate a viral infection. Stress could also be a factor. But no real concrete answer. You know what else? He never had a CAT scan. What he was sent to the ER for. What in the actual fuck!?

It's now 3pm, my mom has landed at the airport and was waiting on us to pick her up. I wasn't completely packed for the hotel. I had to take Jason back to his car at the Army hospital, go back home, finish packing, load the kids up again, then to the airport.

We picked up my mom about an hour late. Sorry, mom!
Straight from the airport we went to the hotel to check in. Then to Fritz' train restaurant for dinner to celebrate Morgan's birthday.

Dinner was fun. Thank goodness. Morgan and Nate loved the trains. The food was eh, but the ambiance was so cute. We all shared an ice cream sundae and Nate sang Happy Birthday to Morgan.

We are now back at the hotel and so ready for bed.

Hoping tomorrow will be a little less hectic. And make sure Jason takes it easy which might be a difficult task because he thinks(and usually is) a freaking super human who can do anything. 


  1. Oh my goodness! What a ridiculous day. Glad your mom is able to be there to take some of the stress and pressure off you. I'm sure the kids are loving it. Glad to hear Jason is OK. This he can do crazy things. Poop is a topic in our house all day long, every day. I did not even think about the automatic flusher being an issue. What a mess.

    1. It was quite the day. Apparently he has strep throat. Nate LOVES the hotel. Lol

    2. It was quite the day. Apparently he has strep throat. Nate LOVES the hotel. Lol