Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chronicles of a Kappes PCS: Day 8

Day 8 is the day we find out the outcome of the car situation. Dun Dun Dunnnn....

Day 8 is also the day Jason had to finish up stuff on base, we had our housing inspection, and start our drive.

The car dealership didn't open until 9 so Jason did what he needed to do and had the housing inspection at 8:45am. We passed with flying colors. I expected to because we lived in one of the worst housing sub divisions. Even after deep cleaning it still looked dirty and ugly. So yeah, that stuff was done.

When the dealership opened, they said they could get the part we needed, but not until around noon. Our original depart time was 10...so that wasn't happening. They said my engine was ok and I stopped before any serious damage. It cost us around $600 to get the car fixed, but it was going to be fixed that day, on a Monday no less, and in a few hours. Not expecting that. Good news.

The kids, my mom, and I packed up our stuff and needed to check out of the hotel that morning. We have a lot of stuff.

We checked out and tried to figure out how to fit all this stuff in Jason's car. He has a Toyota Matrix. Somehow I got it all in. Us included! Score!

We had time to kill so we went to McDonald's so the kids could play inside. And my mom and I wanted an iced coffee.

The kids played for almost 2 hours. It was lunch so we got some food for Jason and went to the dealership thinking it wouldn't be that long until the car was done. Nope.

We got there and the part hadn't shown up yet. We just hung out outside the dealership then this nice lady came up to us. She was a receptionist at the dentist in the same shopping center and asked us if we wanted to come inside their lobby so we didn't have to wait in the heat. We must have looked that run down.

We gladly accepted. We were in this random dentist lobby for 2 hours. How sweet were they!? They let Nate have all his toys out and gave us bottled water. It was really nice and we definitely appreciated that.

My car was FINALLY fixed and we were ready to start our road trip. We had to get the moving truck and my car weighed so we headed off to the weigh station to do that.

The road trip began. We drove for a few hours then stopped at Apple Barrel for a break and early dinner. It was the most random store/gas station/restaurant.

After we ate, we were back on the road on our way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We stayed at a house Jason found through AirBnB. It was a lower level of someone's house that had a living area, 2 rooms, bathroom, kitchenette, and laundry. The bed was horrible, but we were only there to sleep 1 night.

It was another long day, but we made it.

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