Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chronicles of a Kappes PCS: Day 7

Catch up time on the blog since my stupid car broke! I'm pretty sure you already know day 7 SUCKED.

Let's back track three days...

Morgan and Nate both were up a lot that night. Morgan I think is just off and Nate fell off the bed, then needed water.

We woke up, went to Old Navy and then met up with Jason at Subway for lunch. Fancy Father's day stuff right there.

After lunch picture with the best daddy!

After lunch, went to the house to clean for the inspection the following day. Jason took the kids to the gym to play while my mom and I deep cleaned the house for 2 hours.

We smelt horrible.

We were all going to go to dinner for Father's Day, but the kids were super grumpy and tired and hot. We decided against dinner because it would've been a bad situation. Jason was going to eat by himself and we were going to take the kids back to the hotel to eat, have baths, then bed. Great Father's day. Not.

They both fell asleep in the car. Awesome...we thought.

All of a sudden my car starting making this loud beeping sound over and over.


Then my water light came on. Then my engine light came on. Then a light with a lightening bolt in parenthesis came on (ETC?.

We had to pull over on the freeway, in 100 degree weather, with 2 sleeping grumpy kids. The day before we are supposed to drive 5 days half way across the United States.

My WTF face.

I called Jason and he came to see what the problem was. The radiator hose was cracked and the car was overheated. It wouldn't start so we called to have it towed.

Jason and I switched cars so he could wait for the tow truck and my mom and I could get the kids back to the hotel as planned. We had to switch the car seats and get everything out of my car and into Jason's.

It took the tow truck about an hour to get there and they ended up taking it to a Dodge dealership because they thought the engine was a goner. My mom and I took the kids, fed them, bathed them, and got them in bed. Then I had to go back to Jason.

It was a Sunday night so no auto stores were open and the dealership was closed. We had to drive back to the dealership to leave my keys so we could call in the morning to see if they would be able to fix my car.

After we dropped off the keys, I had to take Jason back to the house, then I went back to the hotel. It was a VERY long day. And a very stressful one. I was preparing myself for the worst which was getting rid of my car and driving Jason's car which doesn't have AC.

Off to bed I went not knowing what the next day would bring...

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