Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chronicles of a Kappes PCS: Day 10

All of us in our coordinating outfits. 

We are out of South Dakota! Man, that state was BORING! This is what we have been seeing for the past 2 days. Cows and grass. Grass and cows.

We are now in Montana! It started out similar to South Dakota, but now we are in a really pretty area. Trees, water, and the mountains are added!

We ate at 2 really good restaurants today. I don't know you can tell, but we have planned our trip around food. We have scheduled the days to drive after breakfast, meet up at lunch, then drive until dinner. After dinner, we are done for the day. It has been working out for the most part for food, breaks, and Morgan's naps. I'm pretty sure I've gained about 5 pounds already though. 

For lunch, we went to Custer's Battlefield Tading Post. It had a restaurant on one side and a store on the other. There were also Tee-pees outside you could go in. Nate's favorite part. Surprise, surprise.

Inside the tee-pee

Nate wanted to "battle".

Jason's food.

My mom and I split this. Indian fry bread stuffed with chili and cheese. SO. GOOD.

Back on the road after lunch. We arrived at another house we found through AirBnB. It's a cute little farmhouse in Montana. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, full kitchen, and a fireplace. Pretty adorable. 

We checked in with our "host", got our stuff situated, then went out to dinner to Pickle Barrel. It is a little sandwich place in Livingston. 

The kids are both asleep and I am ready for bed, too. Tomorrow is our longest driving day. Two more driving days left until we get to our home! This has been quite the journey already, but I am ready to be settled. 

Fingers crossed the next 2 days go smooth! 

Not a very exciting day. Just driving and eating. Not great for a blog post, but having a calm, mellow day is what I like when taking a 5 day road trip with 2 littles. 

Until tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

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