Sunday, November 4, 2012

Personalized Fall Wreath

Halloween is over and we are now into November. Before we know will be Christmas.

In my opinion, Fall/Thanksgiving decor is much more pretty and inviting than Halloween. I had a small "welcome"sign hanging on our door for Halloween, but pretty much everything else is Fall-ish or Thanksgiving-ish. November 1st came and that Halloween sign was down. I wanted a pretty Fall wreath to hang, so I went to shop for the materials.

What did I get?
1. Yarn: 4 Fall colors- Big Lots surprisingly for $1 each.
2. Foam pipe insulation: Lowe's for $1.18. Here is a link to Home Depot so you know what to look for because I had no idea what the name of this was. It was 6ft, so I cut it in half to have enough for 2 wreaths.
It's in the plumbing section of Lowe's or Home Depot
3. Wooden letter: Walmart for 2.27 (in arts and crafts section)
4. Pine cone decor: Walmart for 1.47 (in Xmas section)
It has a little clip in the back.
Those were the items I actually had to go out to purchase. A total of about $10 bucks, but I have extra yarn and foam pipe leftover for another project.
Other items I used but had on hand:
1. Gold spray paint for wood letter. I would've loved to have the deep purple color, but I knew I had the gold, so I went for the cheaper option.
2. Packing tape (can also use duck tape)
3. Ribbon to hang on door
Ok, let's get started.
Step 1: Cut the foam pipe in half or however big you want your wreath to be.
Step 2: Tape the 2 ends together. It might look a little disfigured and not like a circle, but once you tape it you can manipulate it better.
Step 3: Get the yarn and figure out the pattern you want.
Step 4: Tie a piece of the yarn in a knot and start wrapping the yarn around the pipe. I was using 4 different colors so I wrapped about 2 inches of each color.
**To change color: tie the next color to the previous and tape down**
**Keep the yarn close or you will have a huge tangled mess!!**

Step 5: When you get to the end of wrapping, tuck the yarn into itself and tie into a knot in the back.
Step 6: Add the decor! I added the pinecones first. I was originally going to pin it using the pin attached to it, but it looked sloppy. I ended up literally stabbing it into the foam itself. Then tie the wood letter with yarn.

Step 7: Add the ribbon to hang and you are done!

The wrapping of the yarn took the most time...about an hour. It would be quicker if you used less colors and/or bigger sections.

I am planning on doing a Christmas one with my leftover pipe. Super easy, cheap, and personalized. They would make great gifts, too! If someone has a favorite sports team, you could do their colors. It could be a Christmas present, housewarming gift, wedding present, etc.

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