Sunday, November 4, 2012

Homemade Mod Podge

There are SO many crafts I have seen using mod podge! In the store is runs from $5-10 bucks. I have wanted to buy it every time I am in Joann Fabrics or Michael's, but never could shell out the extra money. Cheap...I know. I didn't know if I was going to use it that much, if it actually worked, or if I wanted to just make my own.

When I started looking up recipes/instructions on how to make it, I couldn't believe how simple it was. Just equal parts of glue an water? way, this can't be right. I have put off making this simple, yet mind boggling concoction until today. I finally got the guts to mix the most simple and cheap ingredients together.

The result: I did it! It was easy and didn't make a mess (which I read in some blogs that it did). I don't know what those peeps were doing while they mixed, but they must have gotten their groove on to make a mess.

I didn't buy anything to make it because I had everything at home. Hopefully you will have at least one of the three items or you shouldn't even be reading should be getting your water hooked up.

All you need is glue (white glue, such as, Elmer's), water, and some type of jar with a lid (I used a mason jar).
**DO NOT BUY A JAR! Find something you have around the house. You will most likely find it in the kitchen. Baby food jars, salsa jar, anything you have in the kitchen that is glass and has a lid. Why waste the money?

I was super lucky because the mason jar I had had the measurements on the side. You could definitely eyeball it though. I used the entire container of glue, which was 4 oz then filled the jar up to the 8oz mark with water. So...4 oz glue, 4 oz water.
The 4oz of glue (my mason jar is like 32oz so don't let the amount fool you; 4 oz will be enough)
Close up of the 4 oz of glue
Added water, not shaken yet.

Put the lid on a shake what your momma gave ya! Bam...mod podge done. Took about 5 minutes total.

I labeled it with an address label and added it to my desk full of crafts! My first projct using mod podge...coasters. Another easy and cheap project...tutorial coming soon to a blog near you. Meaning this blog. Tomorrow.

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