Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nathan is Here!!

11-11-12. A day I will never forget. It’s Veteran’s Day. A day which has meaning not only because I am married to a U.S. Army Soldier, but also the day I became a mom.
Here is the birth story of my son, Nathan Taylor Kappes.

Around 6pm on November 10th, I am texting a friend about her cleaning out her garage and getting organized. Then I started having some dull back pain. As I text her my back is starting to hurt, her immediate response is, “Your ass is in labor!” I didn’t believe her and we start joking about how Jason, my husband, isn’t going to be able to go to the Veteran’s Day event scheduled the next day. I text her I’ll see how the night goes, but I really didn’t think too much of it. Jason and I had tilapia fish tacos and the night continued. Until about 10pm…

This is when I knew something was up, but still didn’t want to make a huge deal over the pain. Jason downloaded a “contraction app” on my phone so we could start timing. My pain was lasting about 30-45 seconds every 3-4 ½ minutes. As a first time mom I had no idea what a contraction felt like or what the pain would really consist of. I was walking around my house, stopping to breathe, still not believing I was in labor. Around midnight, Jason called the hospital to see if we should come in or wait it out. He explained the pain and they said they would call my doctor.
As we are waiting for the phone call back, we start to pack the car, take out the trash, little things to potentially be on our way. We got the okay from the doctor and it suddenly got real to me. I started to cry, but Jason was quick to calm my nerves and off we went.

We arrived at the hospital around 1:30am. Oh, and let me just point out…Iowa has really bumpy roads. Not cool while in pain. Anyways, they checked us in and I was wheel chaired up to Labor and Delivery. The checked me and said I was already 6 centimeters! “You are definitely in labor!” said the nurse. I’m thinking, thank goodness, because this hurts!
 I get all set up in a labor room with an IV, monitors, the whole nine yards. Contractions were getting more intense and the bed post was my gripping friend to get through them. The nurse explained my pain options…either a low dosage of something (can’t remember the name) through my IV or an epidural. I told her I didn’t need anything yet. I figured I would be there for awhile so suck it up for when the real pain starts.

Real pain, in my opinion, had kicked into full gear, but still didn’t think I needed an epidural. I asked/told Jason to tell the nurse I would take the low dosage through the IV. She came to check me. “Well, it’s too late. You are 10 centimeters.” What!!?? The option is off the table and I’m ready to have a baby!? The doctor came in and told me I could push when I was ready and gave me what seems like simple instructions.
1. Hold legs.

2. Hold breath and count to 10.
3. Push.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 two times.

These are not simple directions to follow when you have never given birth, are in pain, and have to multitask.
After 30 minutes of pushing…Nathan Taylor Kappes had entered the world (with no drugs!). Born on November 11, 2012 at 4:30am (only 3 hours in the hospital!) and weighing in at 7lbs, 4oz and 19 ¾ inches long. He has tons of hair and my little Veteran’s baby is now my world.

Going through a 15 month deployment and then a year deployment has made Veteran’s day very meaningful and now to have a son born on this day makes it that much more amazing. I am completely in love with my little family of three and can’t wait to watch our son grow.
A very special thanks to my husband, Jason. He was a wonderful labor coach, has been an amazing husband and best friend, and now starting the journey of being a dad. I did not do this alone and it is only fair to give him credit where credit is deserved.

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  1. So proud of you my dear. You did the right thing by trying to hold off on the pain meds. While I believe if you really need them that's fine, I think it's much better to go without. You forget the pain almost as soon as that little baby is placed in your arms, (that is until the next time and the first pain hits!) I'm excited to watch this next chapter in your life and am so happy for you. Nathan is the first of the babies for your group, which will always make you the senior "Mom". He's beautiful and I can't wait to hug and kiss him. Jason is a wonderful man and will be a fantastic dad. So glad you shared this story, thanks. XOXOXO