Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hospital Bag Packed!

Time to pack the bags! My due date is less than a month away and movers come in a week so our bags for the hospital(and hotel living) are getting packed and ready to go. With Nate, I packed everything at 38 weeks. I would wait with Morgan, too, but with us PCS-ing it has to be done a little bit sooner.

Since Morgan is a girl, I had a very difficult time deciding what to pack. Girl clothes are so flipping cute! I wanted to bring every headband and every outfit she has already! I tried to limit myself, but I know I probably packed way too much.

This bag is packed with the assumption I will have a vaginal delivery and stay in the hospital for 2-3 days.

Cute stuff first. Our going home outfit. I went to a Baby Expo and got a tank top for me with a newborn headband for her. I will wear the tank top and leggings. She will wear a onesie, pants, and the headband. Isn't it so cute!?

Mommy's stuff:
1. Clothes
* Hospital gown. My mom got this gown for me as a gift. Otherwise I would just wear what the hospital has.
* 2 nursing bras
* 2 tank tops(nursing friendly)
* 1 nursing shirt
* 1 long sleeve nursing friendly top. I get cold fast so I packed a long sleeve just in case I was cold.
* 2 pairs of soft socks. Again, because I get cold and the floors are dirty in the hospital.
* Flip flops. I will wear them to the hospital.
2. Toiletries
*body wash
*make-up/makeup remover
*hair ties
*nursing pads
3. Pillow.
*The hospital will obviously have pillows, but I want mine. 
4. Camera, phone, and chargers
5. Insurance cards 
6. Cash
* Just in case the cafeteria is closed and you need to eat from the vending machines.

Things I need, but hospital will provide: Every hospital provides different items so be sure to ask if yours provides the extra items you need/want.
1. Mesh panties. Take them all. I don't want to get my own underwear gross and bloody and they are actually really comfortable. 
2. Peri bottle. 
3. Tucks
4. Pads. Again, take them all. You will be bleeding heavily. They feel like you are wearing a diaper, but oh well. Get thinner ones once you leave the hospital. 

Postpartum Care: These are things I am not packing in my hospital bag, but will have ready to go when I get released.
1. Pads. Thinner ones, but still overnight/heavy flow.
2. Tucks
3. Nipple cream
5. Nursing pads

Morgan's Stuff:

1. 3 sleepers
2. 4 outfits + going home outfit
3. 3 mittens
4. 2 pairs of socks
5. 2 swaddle blankets
6. 1 swaddle me
7. 1 burp cloth
8. 2 pacifiers. Not sure if I will use them.
9. Boppy
10. Cloth diapers. Just bringing a few for the last day to see the fit and start getting into the routine. 
11. Wet bag.
12. 1 woven wrap and 1 ring sling. Not necessary, but I want to be able to try them with a newborn and if I am walking around, she can have skin-to-skin. 
13. Car seat

Both Morgan and my stuff fit in one duffel bag, minus the Boppy, my pillow, and car seat. 

That's it! I can't believe I can fit it all in one duffel bag! I still need to pack Nate an overnight bag in case he has to go with a friend. Also, some people pack a change of clothes, pajamas, and toiletries for daddy-to-be, but Jason is going to fend for himself. 

Hope I remembered everything! Any other suggestions are welcome!

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