Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mom Confessions

I have a confession. Ok, 10 confessions.

Sometimes...I am a bad parent. I do things I know I shouldn't do as a parent. But...I do them anyway. Because it's easy or convenient or I don't want to hear screaming or I want to get something done. The bad part is it is completely on purpose to avoid situations or, to be honest, to be selfish. Is it bad that I do these things consciously or do I get some sort of leniency towards my actions? I don't do these ALL the time. But I do do them more than I care to admit. 

My mom confessions:

1. I let my son watch a TV show in the morning so I can drink my coffee HOT and/or wake up more because the sun isn't even awake yet.

2. I let me son watch a TV show while I cook dinner so I can...cook dinner.

3. I give my son fruit snacks so he will get in his car seat without a fight.

4. During his nap (if he takes a nap) I will eat candy or some type of junk food so I can eat it in peace and not have to share.

5. I give my son a snack or even buy a snack in the store so he will sit in the cart and behave.

6. I go on playdates so I can have an adult conversation. This doesn't usually happen they way I envision it, but it's still nice to get out and try.

7. I will drive around the block just a few more times than I need to in hopes he will fall asleep in the car.

8. I get distracted by Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is not necessarily on purpose, but I will get on my phone to check a few things and end up staying on for 30+ minutes. Essentially, ignoring Nate. 

9. I let my son eat an "easy" lunch. Because I don't want to cook 3 meals a day. Want a Lunchable? Sure? Pretzels with hummus? Go for it. 

10. Whenever we leave somewhere, I tell my son we are leaving because "insert place here" is closing for nap time. I literally did this today at Sea Life park. "We have to leave because the dolphins need there nap and it is closing for them to sleep in a quiet place". He bought it. But he didn't nap. Damn it. 

I know I am not alone in this. 

What are some of your mom confessions?/ Obviously I have no room to judge so share away!

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