Tuesday, May 12, 2015

From the Aloha State to the Sunflower State

It's almost time to PCS...again! As our move approaches, I am starting to think of all the changes that comes with moving from state to state. Yes, the states combined make up the United States, but each individual state has a culture of their own. This move will be a very drastic change. From Hawaii to Kansas. Can't get much different than that.

We have only been in Hawaii for a year and a half, but the culture grows on you, you embrace it, and you pick up on "local" slang and mannerisms. When I think about it, it is actually quite strange. You literally change and morph into another person(to a certain extent, of course). It happened in Georgia, too. Caught myself saying "y'all". I would've NEVER thought I would pick up on that word(?).

So here are a couple things that will change from moving to Hawaii to Kansas...

1. Military related pay. We get COLA(cost of living adjustment) in Hawaii. Basically we get paid more for living here. Kansas we will not. Cost of living is way lower in Kansas and Hawaii is considered overseas. Boo to less money.

2. Shoes. In Hawaii, we wear flip flops everyday and when you enter someone's home you take them off and leave them either outside or at the front door. It is seriously going to take great effort to remember to leave my shoes on in Kansas.

3. Addressing adults. Everyone in Hawaii is called "auntie" or "uncle". Nate says, "Hi, Auntie!" to practically every stranger. When we move, we will switch to calling everyone else "Sir" and "Ma'am". Nate is going to be very confused.

4. Weather. One of the aspects I dread the most! From sunny 70-80 everyday to snow. Snow. Blah. So not looking forward to that. Nate, on the other hand, will be excited to build a snowman!

5. Traffic. Extreme to non-extreme. What!? A positive!? Oh dang, Kansas...look out, there is something good about you!

6. Visitors. A lot to a little. Everyone wanted to visit us in Hawaii. Kansas. We shall see...

7. Shipping. Another positive for Kansas! Shipping things to Hawaii sucks! It takes forever and some things won't even ship here! The costs will be lower in Kansas and it will be quicker!

8. More weather related stuff.
a. AC------>Heater
b. Towels-------->Jackets
c. High surf advisory------->Tornadoes

9. Food. Less rice moving from Hawaii to Kansas. There is freaking rice with EVERYTHING in HI. I'm assuming more BBQ sauce is in my future in KS.

10. Music. Reggae to Country. Eh...I could go either way with this change. I like them both. Jason on the other hand might be using his IPOD A. Lot. He hates country. I love it and hopefully will be getting to go to a couple concerts!

Those are just a few changes we get to experience with our next PCS. I am super sad to leave Hawaii. But, life must go on and the Army must move us. We will survive, we will adjust, and hopefully embrace the next new state we get the privilege of living in. Because honestly, who gets to say they have lived in so many states as us!? From North Carolina, to Virginia, to Georgia, to Iowa, to Hawaii, and now to Kansas.

In less than 2 months we will be on a flight with a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn. Wish us luck and hope we move with grace and a sense of humor! Mahalo Hawaii for being such a great duty station and Howdy, Kansas...nope. Can't do it. Howdy will not be in the vocabulary.

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