Monday, May 18, 2015

Bump Brief #27

Bump Brief #27: 35 weeks

Nate and I were in our little pool by 9am today so I took a few pictures in my bathing suit. Then got back in pajamas. 

How far along? 35 weeks, baby is the size of humpback whale. See above pictures.

Total weight gain/loss: 165 today. Up 18lbs from pre-pregnancy weight and 3lbs alone this week. I feel every single pound. 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Nate has been a task for sleeping this week so pretty much everyone has been tired. Nate's sleep has been so bad that I went to the library and checked out 2 books on sleeping and started reading articles. Once he is asleep, Morgan keeps me up a lot of the night. I wore Jason's fit bit one night to track my sleep and within 7 hours, I woke up 13 times. Last night I actually slept decent for the first time in awhile. Nate slept through the night! 
Best moment this week: A lot of fun days this week! Sea Life Park and a Baby Expo to name two. We have limited time here in Hawaii so I'm trying to stay active and enjoy it here while we still can. 
Preggo Problems: My stomach is huge! It gets in the way of everything now! I have gained 3lbs this week so maybe I have also gained in inches!? Seriously. I have whacked Nate in the head multiple times, almost burn myself on the stove while cooking, run into door knobs, and become the Hunchback of Notre Dame while doing the dishes. 
Movement: Yes. she still feels really high, but I can tell she is getting lower. I won't go into detail how I know she is low. Think about it. I get kicked in the ribs pretty frequently still. She might be a soccer player. 
Food cravings: Cherries. I didn't know this was a craving until 3 days ago when we went to Costco. Cherries were an amazing price so we grabbed a 2lb box. They are gone already and if we would've gotten 2 boxes, that second box would be gone too. I was carless today or else I probably would have driven there and bought more. 
Interesting facts about baby (according to pregnancy app): 
1. Hearing is fully developed and may respond to high-pitched noises.
2.She is taking all of my calcium to help harden her bones. 
3.35 days until EDD! 
Gender: Girl!! And her name is.....

Labor Signs: No and yes. I guess now that I can actually feel the braxton hicks and I have them so frequently, it is a sign. Not really of labor, but that my body is prepping for what is about to go down. Literally. 
Belly Button in or out? Out. It is very rare she is in a position where it goes back in now. It's pretty creepy looking. 
Wedding rings on or off? On. We'll see how long it lasts. They still aren't re-dipped, but I missed them.
Mood: Tired! And excited. And overwhelmed. My list of things to do is growing. I know we will get it all done, but I feel like I'm avoiding doing some tasks because I don't even know where to begin or what is priority. Sleep. Sleep is priority right now. The unknown of when Morgan will be born is nerve-wracking, too. Not really any bad things going on, just a lot of changes mixed with emotions. 

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