Monday, February 23, 2015

Bump Brief #16

Bump Brief #16: 23 weeks

How far along? 23 weeks, baby is the size of a bunch of grapes! 
Total weight gain/loss: I have officially hit pre-pregnancy weight. Now weighing in at 147.
Stretch marks? Nothing new. 
Sleep: Not great this week. Heartburn has also started. I had heartburn with Nate, but not until the 8-9th months. I haven't broke out the Tums yet, but if it keeps up I may need to take some at night. Unless other people have some suggestions on battling heartburn!?
Best moment this week: Jason felt the baby kick from the outside...FINALLY! She kicked him hard, too. 
Miss Anything?  Being able to read books with Nate on my lap without having to warn him to be careful. He likes to jump on me and lay right in the middle and it is starting to hurt. I feel bad that he wants to cuddle and read, but I have to adjust him and remind him to be gentle. 
Movement: Night owl. She also likes to move while Nate and I read bedtime stories. 
Food cravings: Jason got me a ton of treats for Valentine's day so my sweet tooth is satisfied. Not craving anything in particular this week.
Interesting facts about baby (according to pregnancy app): 
1. baby is becoming more capable of controlling its own body temperature.
2. baby can feel mommy move and dance.
3. baby's muscles have developed enough that it can move in a variety of directions.
Gender: Girl!! We have not yet decided on a name yet. 
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In, it might pop out this pregnancy though. It didn't with Nate, but it is looking strange and a bit more flat. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Meh. This week was really blah. Jason wasn't feeling well, Nate woke up not feeling well, I didn't sleep, heartburn. It wasn't horrible. Just blah. Hoping i can get out of this little funk this week! I really have no reason to complain or have a blah week which is another reason why it's so frustrating I feel like this! 

Pictures today were not going to happen. I haven't showered, Nate was up super early coughing with a runny nose. i was just going to post a google image and call it a day. But I sucked it up. A whole 3 pictures. Not sure if you can see spots on both my shirt and yoga pants, but if you's Nate's boogers. #momlife. Yes, I have changed. Into pajama shorts. I'm sure there will be more boogers once Nate wakes up from nap. I decided to post these because this is what it is like being a mom. It's real. It's sometimes gross. But there is a sweet little girl in my belly and I knew I would've regretted not having the picture. 

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