Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

Nate is starting to say some crazy stuff. Since he is talking more and understanding more, he is also becoming more curious about the world around him. The questions are beginning. The funny quotes have begun. In honor of Nate, Tuesday is now dedicated to him and the interesting life we live with him around. From activities I do with him, the food he eats, and the quotes I want to remember because they put a smile on my face. Hopefully you get a kick out of some of the things he says, enjoy the activities we do, and try some of the food with your kids.

This Tuesday is 3 different quotes/conversations Nate decided to have and/or say.

1. Scene: Me(the mommy) and Nate taking a bath together. I don't usually take a bath with him, but I figured I would kill 2 birds with one stone. He sees me get dressed, but usually isn't paying close attention.

Me: *getting in bath*
Nate: "Where'd mom's penis go!?"
Me: *laughing* I don't have one. I have a vagina.
Nate: "OOhhhhhh. Okay. Let's play toys."

2. Scene: Nate, Jason and I are just finishing dinner outside as always.

Me: *sigh*
Nate: "Rough day, mommy?"
Me: "No, my belly is just full."
Nate: "Ohhh, done eating?"
Me: "Yes."
Nate: "I still eating."

3. Scene: Driving to the commissary. Nate is playing with a toy camera in his car seat.

Nate: "Selfies, daddy!!"
Jason: "We have failed as parents."


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