Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bump Brief Series #8

Bump Brief Series #8: Weeks 11-15

I'm back from vacation! I stopped doing my weekly posts for the past month because I was in California visiting family and I didn't have my computer. So this post will be an update on my pregnancy for the past 4 weeks. I'll resume my weekly posts tomorrow. 

The first week and a half I was good to go! No nausea, felt well rested, and had an appetite. Then it started slowly going down hill. Nausea came back, felt like I needed a nap everyday, and drank a lot of red Powerade. That lasted for the next 1 week or so. 

Since we flew Space A(military flights), we had to be flexible with our departure. The first day of trying to leave Sacramento I threw up at our friends house. Disgusting. What sent me off the edge? Nate's breath. Yep, you read that right. My 2 year old son's morning breath. My son seems to be the culprit of all my vomiting. Funny and sad at the same time. Poor little guy, doesn't even know it's his fault. Anyways, we ended up not getting on that flight. I was able to get a good night's rest then we started the adventure of getting on another flight. Another flight missed, back to our friend's house, more puking. 

Seriously. Again? You know what is worse than puking? Puking in the toilet, then in a sink, then having to clean the sink after you puked. So gross. 

On a positive is growing and is a GIRL!! While we were in Southern California we went to an early look ultrasound place so our friends and family could experience seeing the baby on the big screen. Before we went in, we had each person hold up a sign, Team Blue or Team Pink. They chose which gender they thought baby was. We all went in, the ultrasound tech showed us baby and asked if we were ready to know the gender. She said, "It's a GIRL!" Everyone screamed which made me almost jump off the table/bed I was laying on. The ultrasound tech said she was 99% positive it was a girl, but when I go at 20 weeks to my OB we will confirm. For now, baby is a GIRL! 


The whole group after we found out. GIRL! Team PINK!!

I like my weekly updates better than monthly. It's amazing how many little details you forget. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to hear the little June Bug's heartbeat and meet with the midwives team. I'll update you tomorrow! 

And no...we don't have a name yet. ;)

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