Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pinterest Plate Project!

I always wonder if the Pinterest arts and crafts actually work. I was at the Dollar Tree and I saw the ceramic plates. Pinterest says to just decorate using Sharpies and bake for 30 minutes and 350'. I have Sharpies and the plates are only a dollar. I only purchased one, just in case it didn't work.

I should have bought more. I decided to decorate mine with a Christmas look. Here are the whole 2 things I needed. One plate, red and green Sharpies. I used a black one, too.

I wrote "Happy Holidays" in the center, then "eat, drink, and be merry" on the outside border. Then, I decorated with simple dots. Easy peasy. Here was the final product.

Including the 30 minutes of baking my plate, the entire project took 45 minutes. They would be great if you had your kids decorate them and give them to grandparents or neighbors. Since the plate is only a buck they can keep the plate without you going broke.
I want to make another one that has our last name or our initials. Another idea is to have your kids decorate their own and that's the plate they use for dinner. Personalization at its cheapest!

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