Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cloth Diaper Laundry Room Decor

No, I don't have cloth diapers hanging all around the laundry room as "decor". This will change in the near future since some will be hung dry though. Hang drying cloth diapers is not what this particular post is about.

This post is about hanging out the instructions of cloth diapers in the laundry room. If you have ever researched, thought about, or wondered about cloth diapering it is VERY overwhelming. There are so many different types of diapers and inserts you can use.

The prepping and washing routine is equally overwhelming. I started prepping my diapers this week for Nate, quickly realizing I am and will going to forget these steps until I am doing it for awhile. It is not second nature to me...yet. The hubster also has no idea of the prepping and washing routine. What makes it hard to remember is all the different fabrics. Is it synthetic or natural? Is it bleached or unbleached? Is it cotton or PUL? Another difficult aspect to remember is how many rinses and at what temperature you need to use in each cycle. Doing research, I found every single person has a different routine that works for them. Awesome...non-answers. I found what the majority people do and used that.

What did I do with this information? I made it into laundry room decor. I went on Word and typed out a simple document for both prepping and washing cloth diapers and inserts. I cut the white printer paper out with those design scissors, glued it on some scrapbook paper, then put that in a frame. Bam, another easy peasy project.

Here is what it looks like...


Excuse the mess (or don't) is laundry the laundry room. What else do you expect?
Here are some close ups:

Not only do I have some decor in my laundry room; it is FUNCTIONAL and it was CHEAP! We already had the frames (weren't being used) and scrapbook paper is ridiculously cheap.
Another bonus...the hubster has no excuse for not helping with the diaper duty. Tricky tricky. :)
If you aren't using cloth diapers, you could still do something similar. Do it for regular laundry instructions so your kids...or significant other...have no excuse to help either (if they can read).

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