Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Year Resolution in August?

Kinda, sorta, not really. Let me explain. First of all...if you didn't know already, it is August! This year is flying, as most years do, and Jason and I are doing our August resolution. I know, I know, you are confused still.

Every December, millions of people are trying to decide what they want their New Year Resolution to be. Most of them pick save money, lose weight, eat healthy, the usual, the predictable. They they get through January and give up. Jason and I came up with the idea to do a different resolution each month. If you can do something for a month, a whole 30 days, I call that a success! We also couldn't chose just one thing we wanted to do. So we made a list of 12 and assigned them to a specific month of our choice. Here was the list...

January: 1 mile post dinner walk. (Success and continue most days)
February: No electricity. (didn't accomplish)
March: 1 hour of reading. (Success and continue most days)
April: 30 minutes of cleaning. (negative- our house is not dirty, but I definitely didn't clean everyday)
May: 1 hour of being outside. (1/2 success? We still walked and were outside as much as possible)
June: No T.V. (We cancelled our cable this month, but we also have a Roku...another 1/2 success?)
July: Only 30 of Internet per day. (Not a chance. We moved this month, needed directions, information, and stuff to do. Maybe another month.)
August: Drinking only water. (I modified mine-I can have a cup of coffee before 8am. It's my resolution and I make the rules, dang it!)
September: No shopping, except food. (Made this resolution before we were pregger...doubt I can make it. It will be a cake walk for Jason)
October: No sweets. (What the hell was I thinking!? The month of Halloween!? This must be a typo)
November: Bed by 9 or 8 hours of sleep. (Another made before being preggers...definitely need to revise. Maybe switch October and November/)
December: Hobbies-meaning try something new each week. Whether it be bike riding, new recipe, taking a class, etc.

So there is the whole year, all of 2012's resolutions. Looking back, we didn't do that great. We only fully accomplished 2 months. Yikes. We need to do better.

August is only water month and for Jason it will be a breeze. He always only drinks water...CHEATER! As for me, this is a huge challenge. I like to drink other things. I don't want to live a boring beverage month. And it doesn't help that I want Cherry Coke everyday. Thank goodness I made my modification. But with my modification brings another challenge. I have to wake up early to be able to make coffee and enjoy it before 8am. Woot, woot for my timer!

Let the water drinking month begin! And wish me luck.

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  1. Love the idea of monthly resolutions! Good luck with the rest of 2012! I definitely might try this in our house! (After the baby comes, of course! Right now I'm happy if I can make it through the day without my two boys beating each other to a pulp while I sit on the couch and have contractions! Welcome to motherhood!)