Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cloth Wipes Experiment

As my cloth diaper research continues, I have now added something else to my plate. Why I didn't think of this when we decided to cloth, I don't know. Probably because it's all just so new. I joined a couple co-ops to get better deals on cloth diapers. Super excited about the co-ops too because the patterns and prints are so adorable it could very well lead to a horrible addiction. While reading all the comments from other mommy's, I stumbled on someone who mentioned cloth wipes. I thought to myself...cloth wipes? That is interesting. I had never heard of anyone EVER using cloth wipes. I was intrigued.

The research on the wipe wonder was off and running. I googled how to make your own and what was in the "wipe solution". Most are made out of flannel material, but others use terry cloth, washcloths, or make them out of paper towels. Great...more options. The diaper situation was more than enough to comprehend and now this. I am ready for the task. Go big or go home, right?

I chose flannel because I want to make my own and it seems like the most comfy for my little guy's booty. I went to Salvation Army and they had a bunch of receiving blankets. I picked 5 of my favorite patterns for a total of $4.50. Then I went to Joann Fabrics. Obviously Joann is way more expensive, but the selection is huge and I had some leftover money on a gift card from Christmas. I picked 4 fabrics I fell in love with and only ended up paying $.71!! AWESOME!

Next step is sewing them. My research/googling tells me to cut the fabric into squares about 8X8 and sew the 2 fabrics together. When ready to use on baby, make the solution, dip the cloth wipes in solution and WIPE. Sounds super simple. I still need to wash the fabric and actually sew them, but I think I can handle sewing a square.

Finding the "right" solution to make is a work in progress. They go from basic to anti-fungal to calming, etc. The basic is water, baby wash/shampoo, and some oil, such as tea tree. The more complex solutions have way more ingredients, but still organic and simple to make.

I'll update when I finish sewing and then again when baby gets here and they get put to use. Here are my super cute fabrics to make the wipes. I'm going to mix and match. :) Since you are going to be wiping poop and pee off the fabrics are pretty useless. Plain white or brown would definitely do the trick, but I'm a girl and couldn't help myself.

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