Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just because I'm a Girl....

...doesn't mean mechanics have the right to screw me over! I HATE going to the mechanic, auto repair, car shop, whatever name you boys (and some girls) like to call yourselves. They think they can just give me the most expensive item in their inventory and I will just bat my eyelashes and pay the ridiculous amount. Well...I'm not that girl, suckers!

A couple days ago I got a flat tire. Typical Jenn car stuff. Something seems to always be wrong with cars I have. I went to an auto repair shop to get it fixed. They quoted me $165 and $145 for ONE tire!! I have had flat tires, blowouts on a L.A. freeway, nails, you name it and never in my flat tire career have I ever paid over $120. Oh, and then they said I needed another tire because it was going bald too.

My eyeballs almost popped out of my head when they told me the price..then I asked if they gave military discounts. With her confused look on her face (similar to my sticker shock face) she said no one has ever asked, so she didn't know. The smart thing to do would be to ask someone if they did. She just kept looking at me. Maybe I had a booger, but I doubt it. I politely told her I would discuss it with my husband and get back to her.

So, I called a different place. Oh wait, back-up. I looked up what kind of tire I needed and did a tad of research so when I called I didn't "sound" like another girl they could get to pay a trillion dollars for a minor repair. Research, check. Called to see if they would rather me walk-in or make an appointment. He said appointment, check. I told him what kind of tire I needed, the price I expected, and how long the appointment would take. He was very matter of fact with me, answered my questions, and BAM! Tire change success.

It is amazing what a little knowledge can do for you. I'm sure I'll forget what kind of tire I have by tomorrow, but today I knew. I'm actually pretty impressed with myself. Lesson of the day: just because you are a girl doesn't mean you should have to pay an arm and a leg for a single tire. Find out a little information. Be confident. Ask relevant questions. DO NOT GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!

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