Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cloth Diapers It Is!

Ever since my husband and I found out we were preggers, the debate about cloth vs. disposable diapers started. Many may think I was the one who wanted to do cloth, but the reality is my husband is the one who was advocating for cloth. The reasons? More cost effective...such a man way of thinking. Yes, I agree, it does save money. I am also the girl who is a sucker for cute patterns which is not going to be a good situation. I will TRY to control my spending urges, but it is not guaranteed at all.

Since deciding on jumping on the cloth diaper wagon (which was about 9am this morning) I have already bought 2 print covers. They are SO FREAKING adorable! One is a camo pattern(got to support the hubby and troops) and a rocket pattern. Here are the pictures of them...

Cloth diapering can be (and is) extremely overwhelming. It is not like the good ol' days when you just used cloth and some safety pins. You still can, but the options are endless today! Now, there are brands galore, cheap brands, fancy brands, prefolds, inserts, Snappis, different material for the cloth(hemp, fleece, microfleece), different types of diapers (pocket, all-in-one, all-in-two, fitted, flats). Holy smokes, diaper people! How did they come up with all this!? It is seriously like picking out a car or what college to go to. There is a lot of research to do and it took me about 6 months to decide. I asked a lot of experienced mommas what they used and asked google even more questions.

There are three main reasons I chose cloth over disposable (in no particular order).
1) Cost-effective. It will save us money (more if I can keep my print cover buying to a minimum). If we decide to have more children in the future, we can use them again. Bonus.
2) Eco-friendly. Don't want to fill up all the landfills with more poop!
3) Rash-less baby. Many have told me using cloth diapers reduces diaper rash or eliminates them completely. I want my lil' man's booty to be as comfy as possible.

I still have SO many questions! I think I will get the answers when baby actually arrives. I'm crossing my fingers the laundry won't be a huge issue and they work out. We obviously won't know until I try it out. For now, I'm just excited I have made the decision and to get those cute little print covers in the nursery.


  1. Good for you for cloth diapering! I think it's a great choice that is good for you and your baby. We moved to the area last year and used a cloth diaper service where we lived before for our two boys. We loved it so much that we started our own diaper service here in the area, so if laundry becomes an issue you should check us out - Soggy Bottom Diaper Service. We take that burden away so people will continue to cloth diaper. Best wishes to you as you await your upcoming arrival! -Wendy

  2. Thanks! I am also trying homemade cloth wipes!