Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super Start to my Sunday.

When you wake up at 6:30, you get stuff done. Georgia (my cat) thought 6:30 was an amazing time to start the day so I went with it.

A little note about myself: I heart Pinterest. So many cool things to pin, 90% of which I will probably never do. But this morning I was on a mission. I wanted to make a baked oatmeal I had pinned about 3 months ago and today was the day. Partially because last night's dinner was yuck to me and partially because I was up and had the time. Here is the actual link to the recipe from a blog...

I'm not sure on the "rules" of blogging yet, so I hope giving the link to her blog was enough credit. If not, please let me know.

I got all my ingredients out and started. This recipe is super I loved it already. I made some minor changes. 1. I used blueberries and strawberries instead of raspberries. 2. I used pecans instead of walnuts (pecans taste better to me and they are cheaper).

Here is how mine turned out. Feel free to compare it to "Urban Nester" (blog girl).

It is really good! Next time I would make a couple more modifications to be more healthy. The only reason why I didn't do them in the first place is because I am a chicken when it comes to changing recipes. I like to follow them exactly/ I am getting better about this...after all, I did sub raspberries or TWO types of different berries. Watch out now!

Healthier option: 1. Omit the chocolate and add more fruit and nuts. 2. Use Almond milk instead of regular. 3. Use coconut oil instead of butter. Small changes can make a difference. I should've done these this time around. Oh well, gives me reason to make this again. It would be perfect for a potluck bunch. Or I could make one of the other hundreds of Pinterest items I want to do...

Here is my Pinterest page if you would like to see some other ideas. Have a Super Sunday!!

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