Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lovely Laundry.

I think it is safe to say no one really likes doing laundry. Sure, all you have to do is separate the colors, put it in the wash, wait an hour, put it in the dryer, fold, then put it away. 6 simple steps and laundry is done! HA! That is a joke. I actually don't mind steps 1-5. Step 6 is the one that gets me EVERY week. Since it is only me and the hubby, we only need to laundry once a week. That will all change in a couple months with the little one.

I was thinking to myself, as I often do, what can I do to make laundry better...step 6 in particular. In our GA house, the laundry room was about 15 feet away from our master. Now, it is 12 stairs AND a hallway away. CRAP! I must sound extremely lazy at this point in the blog, but would rather me be honest then say I'm the master laundry lady, doing 6 loads in less than an hour, right?

What was my laundry master plan? Crates! I found 2 crates, one pink and one blue, at Walmart in the Back to School section for about $3 bucks each. Let me show you(on a good day) what the top of the washer and dryer look like at my house...

It would be fine with me if this house had a separate laundry room, but it is in the basement with the other bathroom. Translation: while you pee, you will see this hot mess. Not cool. I don't think guests will want to see my goodies and Jason's boxers while they do their business.

These are the crates I got, along with some initial letters from Target in the dollar section. I already had chalkboard paint, so I decided to paint the letters with that. *note: paint or letters isn't neccessary.

First, I painted the letters and let them dry. After they dried, I attached them by using ribbon I already had. Once attached, put on top of washer and/or dryer.

As you can see in the picture, both of our crates fit on top of the washer. This leaves me room to fold first, then stick everything in the crate. I also wanted to show a total of 4 crates can fit on both the washer and dryer for those who have larger families. I love them because I don't have to worry about walking up stairs and loose socks and undies falling. Plus, it looks a lot neater. I can't do anything about the washer and dryer being in the bathroom, but this was a simple and cleaner look. If I thought about it a tad more, I would've gotten either black or white crates instead of the boy/girl theme.

If you are a parent, the chalkboard spray paint can be fun. You can write messages on their initial, such as, "DO IT NOW!", "Clean", "Please put away", "Now you will smell clean!", etc. It is your choice how nice you want to be. I don't have my little one yet, but I plan on having my kid put away his own laundry. The crate makes it easy for them to take to their room, put away, and take back to the laundry room.

I know for a fact when my crate is full it will still probably sit there until the next time I do laundry. At least it will look a little more pleasing to the eye!

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