Saturday, September 15, 2012

2 Months Left in Pregnancy...

I haven't written a post in awhile due to a vacation back to visit family and friends before Lil' Nathan makes his arrival. Oh yeah, I don't think I announced we decided his name...Nathan Taylor! We LOVE it. Anyhoo..vacation back home to Cali was both fun and exhausting. Some of my high school friends threw me a surprise baby shower (Mustache Bash), saw some friends in San Diego, visited my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew, and of course, my mom. There were some great times and A LOT of driving. My butt is still feeling it. Two weeks was barely enough time to see everyone, but it was nice to be back home to my hubster.

Since being home it seems as if pregnancy wants to start kicking my ass. I've only been home for 4 days. The morning after I got back I felt nauseous and had a burning in my throat. I had no idea what was happening. I asked a couple of my "mom friends" if they experienced it before. The response: heartburn. My response: no way...the burning isn't in my heart. Their response: heartburn, get tums. I got the tums. They have helped, but the fact I had heartburn without eating acidic foods was strange. Apparently it is just part of pregnancy and the doctor said it will probably get worse. Awesome.

I also started going back to my Stroller Stride classes. I went to one yesterday (Friday) and did a low impact level since I had taken 2 weeks off. About half way into the class, going up a hill I've walk multiple times, I started to get nauseous, dizzy, and lightheaded. WTF!? I had a good breakfast, slept 8 hours, and drank water...what now? I sat down, rested, and finished the class on an even lower impact level. I went home, took a nap, and felt better. Today (Saturday) I went to the class again. I figured it was just getting back into my routine. I took it easy again. Again, I felt lightheaded, dizzy, and not only nauseous...I actually threw up once.

At this point I'm pissed and frustrated. Just 2 weeks ago I was doing Crossfit Mom with the hubby and doing Stroller Strides 4 times a week without a single problem. Why now? I am short of breath easily, tired more than usual, and not able to complete a very simple workout. I refuse to give up. I will continue going to my classes and working out, even if its only half the class.

I have a couple theories on why I'm feeling this way. 1. I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant and getting bigger. 2. It's been 2 weeks since working out. 3. I'm jet lagged and only been back home for 4 days.

It may be a combination of them all. I've had such an easy pregnancy I guess it's my time to be in some pain and discomfort. Wish I wasn't, but I only have 2 more months left. I can do it. I will do it. I may complain about it, but I know the end result will be all worth it.

Note to my son, Nathan: Take it easy on will have plenty of opportunities to make me crazy. I love you and can't wait to meet you. You already take my breath away...literally.

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