Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Toddler Tuesday: Easter Edition!

Easter is coming up! To be honest, I only celebrate because of the cuteness. We are not a religious family, so we won't be going to church.
**If you are religious, please message me if you have questions on why we are not. I don't want this post to be offense or looked down upon because of our personal beliefs.

So...what are we doing for Easter!? I have an Easter basket for Nate, did a couple crafts, and have snack ideas. My husband's work has an Easter Egg hunt the day before so we will go to that for Nate.

Here is Nate's Easter basket.
 What's inside?
*Annie's bunnies. White cheddar and snickerdoodle. They were 2/$4 at Target and bunnies.
*1 M&M egg.
*On the Farm book. It has little felt animals to put on the book. Dollar section at Target.
*Sesame Street bath coloring pieces. Dollar section at Target.
*The Goodnight Gecko book. This is sort of an inside joke. Nate had a gecko in his room one day and now he thinks he is living in there. This book was just so fitting and hilarious not to get. Plus, it will be a Hawaii keepsake. $13
*Bug catcher toy. Dollar section at Target.
*Basket was $3 at Target
Total spent: $23. More than I was going to spend, but I splurged on the gecko book.

Easter painting crafts/art: Easter Egg painting

What you need:
1. Easter egg printable. I printed out 4 so he could do a few of them.
2. Paint.. I gave him 6 colors, but you can choose how many you want or have on hand.
3. Clothes pins. I had 6 for the 6 colors.
4. Cotton balls or puffs. I did 3 cotton balls because they were bigger then the tiny puffs I had on hand. 3 puffs, just have a different size. 
5. Scissors to cut the egg out after.
6. Painters tape (see below for second painting idea)
7. Paint brushes (optional)

 The next one I used painters tape to make lines on the egg. I did one with straight lines and one with lines in different places, somewhat abstract looking. I let Nate choose if he wanted to use paint brushes or the cotton ball/puffs.

After he was done, I let them dry. The dotted ones, I cut the egg out. The painters tape ones I peeled the tape off then cut out the egg. 

Another craft I did but didn't take a picture of the process was footprint carrots. All you do is paint their foot orange, put the footprint on white paper. Let it dry then add a stem using a green pen, crayon, or marker. Super easy. 

Now what!? What do you do with all the art? You can make cards and send them to family. You can make magnets(laminate them if you have one), frame them, etc. I made an Easter banner using all 3 of the crafts. I punched a hole in them and used yarn to hold it up. 

Easter snack:
Bunnies eat carrots. Do kids? Most kids, my son included, don't eat as much veggies as they really need. We went to Costco to get little travel hummus packs for him to dip carrots in. I had some baby carrots I cut into thinner pieces for him and made some "ready-to-serve" carrot bowls. I only did 3 bowls because I ran out of carrots and I'm not even sure then hummus idea will work. 1 pack of hummus in his little toddler bowl and carrots. 

Phew. That was a long post. I hope you got a few ideas for Easter. Let me know what you have planned or anything other ideas! 

Happy Easter!

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