Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May!!

Well hello May, you just snuck right up on me! I can't believe we are in the 5th month of 2013!

It is FINALLY feeling like Spring/Summer here in Iowa...took long enough! The parks have been so nice to go to and Nate loves to go on walks and be outside.

This post is going to be a little all over the place because I have just written 2 other blog posts for Quad City Moms Blog for this Friday, did the dishes, washed diapers, went to a consignment store and Burlington, took out the trash, made lunch, had coffee, changed 4 diapers, and thought about upcoming events happening in the Kappes household. I didn't think I was going to get to my blog, but Nate is taking a nap so I am trying to type fast and rock his rocky chair at the same time. I've learned to multi-task and do a lot of things one-handed. Not sure if I should brag about that...

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great day and I'm hoping I can keep up more with my blog posts. This past month we went to Chicago for the Cubs vs. Giants game, Emi came to visit, and Kim and Savannah came to visit. It's been a fun and busy month! Bring on May...well, I guess we have no choice.

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