Monday, May 6, 2013

Nate's First Haircut

As many of my friends and family know, we have been battling eczema/rashes/cradle cap/allergies with Nate. We have tried SO many different remedies, both homeopathic and prescription. Finally, his body skin is under control with a combo of Cerave and a steroid ointment. His face and head have still been an issue. He scratches himself bloody and if he is not wearing socks it looks like he got in a fight with 7 cats. It's not pretty. With the scratches, his eyes get swollen and red. The poor guy gets so irritated and it affects his sleep.

Yesterday, Jason and I decided to cut it. I have been debating this for a couple weeks, but have been having an internal battle with myself. What if it doesn't look "cute"? What if it doesn't help? After weeks of going back and forth, the decision had to be made. Cut the little guy's hair. Who cares if he doesn't have an adorable mohawk anymore. And what do we have to lose? We've tried everything else, why not this?

He did decent while Jason cut his hair. Of course he was a wiggle worm, but nothing as bad as I thought. So here are the pictures of his first haircut experience. And no...I didn't cry.

What the heck is happening!?

Shaving it off!

Exhausted after the cut and bath...even had a 3 hour and 45 minute stretch of sleep!

The morning after with daddy. 

We shall see if cutting it will help his scalp, only time will tell. 

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